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roboRIO - Advanced Robotics Controller
The NI roboRIO - Advanced Robotics Controller controls common sensors and actuators used in advanced robotics applications.

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NI PXI FlexRIO Digitizers combine A/D converter technologies with Xilinx FPGAs, providing real-time signal processing and high-performance analog input.

- National Instruments
NI PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Module adds FPGA-based signal processing capability to PXI systems and can stream at a high bandwidth.

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The NI PXI Pulse Generator provides timed pulses of programmable frequency, pulse delay, width, spacing, and amplitude.

Area Scan Camera
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C Series Functional Safety Module
The NI C Series functional Safety Module provides IEC 61508 SIL 3 level safety functions to a CompactRIO system.

CompactDAQ Controller
The NI CompactDAQ Controller integrates a multi-core processor with modular I/O, standard peripheral connectivity, and display capabilities.

Converged IoT PXI Chassis
NI Converged IoT PXI Chassis provides data center-level capabilities between operational and information technologies to capture and use loT data.

Digital Multimeter Device
The NI Digital Multimeter Device performs voltage, current, resistance, temperature, and frequency/period measurements, and more, as a part of PC-based systems.

FlexRay Interface Device
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NI AWR Design Environment
NI AWR Design Environment™, featuring Microwave Office, helps designers accelerate the design and development of RF/microwave PCBs, ICs, modules and systems.

Programmable Power Supply Device
The NI Programmable Power Supply Device provides programmable DC power in a full-width, rack-mount form factor.

PXI DeviceNet Interface Module
The NI PXI DeviceNet Interface Module converts PXI chassis into a DeviceNet master or slave, which then connects to and communicates with a DeviceNet network.

PXI Displacement Input Module
The NI PXI Displacement Input Module provides signal conditioning for AC LVDT, AC RVDT, resolver, and synchro measurements.

PXI Frame Grabber Module
The NI PXI Frame Grabber Module acquires images in machine vision and scientific imaging applications that require high data throughput.

PXI Remote Control Module
The NI PXI Remote Control Module controls PXI and PXI Express systems from your PC or laptop computer through a software transparent link.

PXI RF Analog Signal Generator
The NI PXI RF Analog Signal Generators generate continuous wave signals or basic standard modulation formats such as AM, FM, PM, and pulse.

PXI System Monitoring Module
The NI PXI System Monitoring Module monitors voltage, fan, and temperature health of PXI systems and reports the status through a set of LEDs.

PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module
The NI PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module measures bridge-based sensors, such as strain gages and load cells, in PXI systems.

PXI Temperature Input Module
The NI PXI Temperature Input Module takes measurements from thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for PXI systems.

RF Adapter Module for FlexRIO
The NI RF Adapter Module for FlexRIO provides RF I/O to acquire and generate radio frequency signals for FlexRIO.

Signal Generator Adapter Module for FlexRIO
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Sound and Vibration Device
The NI Sound and Vibration Device provides dynamic signal generation and acquisition in sound and vibration applications for computer-based systems.

Switch Device for PCI Express
The NI Switch Device for PCI Express provides additional PCI Express ports for seamless system expansion.

Temperature Input Device
The NI Temperature Input Device takes temperature measurements from several types of thermocouples in a small, portable form factor.

Transceiver Adapter Module for FlexRIO
The NI IF Transceiver Adapter Module for FlexRIO provides both analog I/O on a single module to interface with external RF up- and downconverters.

C Series DeviceNet Interface Module
NI C Series DeviceNet Interface Modules enable CompactRIO systems to connect and communicate as a master or slave on a DeviceNet network.

PXI Waveform Generator
The NI PXI Waveform Generator generates standard functions and user-defined, arbitrary waveforms as part of a PXI system.

PXI Digital Reconfigurable I/O Module
The NI PXI Digital Reconfigurable I/O Module configures digital lines as inputs, outputs, counters/timers, and more using FPGA-based logic.

C Series Universal Analog Input Module
The NI C Series Universal Analog Input Module Provides analog input channels for voltage, current, temperature, and more in CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems.

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