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NI ELVIS RIO Control Module
Give students hands-on experience in controls and mechatronics with the NI ELVIS RIO Control Module and its ecosystem of courseware and add-on labs.

Massive MIMO Prototyping System
The MIMO Prototyping System is the world’s first real-time massive MIMO testbed featuring a ready-to-run hardware and software architecture. The modular hardware scales from 4 to 128 antennas to meet a ...

LabVIEW Communications Application Frameworks
This website provides information on the LabVIEW Communications Application Frameworks for wireless communication research and prototyping. Learn more about the rich set of capabilities offered in the ...

C Series DeviceNet Interface Module
NI C Series DeviceNet Interface Modules enable CompactRIO systems to connect and communicate as a master or slave on a DeviceNet network.

C Series Digital Module
The NI C Series Digital Module provides digital input and output capabilities for CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems.

C Series Serial Instrument Control Module
The NI C Series Serial Instrument Control Module adds serial ports to CompactRIO systems that allow you to communicate with serial devices.

Compact Vision System
The NI Compact Vision System integrates with machine vision cameras and provides the flexibility, integration, and ruggedness required for applications.

CompactRIO Controller
The NI CompactRIO Controller combines a processor running NI Linux Real-Time, a programmable FPGA, and I/O with vision, motion, and display capabilities.

Digital Waveform Device
The NI Digital Waveform Device generates and analyzes static and dynamic digital waveforms that interface to digital electronics using voltage levels.

LIN Interface Device
NI LIN Interface Devices enable PCs to connect to and communicate on a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus.

PXI DeviceNet Interface Module
The NI PXI DeviceNet Interface Module converts PXI chassis into a DeviceNet master or slave, which then connects to and communicates with a DeviceNet network.

- National Instruments
The NI PXI IF Transceiver transmits and receives intermediate frequency (IF) signals for use in high-speed signal processing, analysis, and modulation tasks.

PXI Oscilloscope
The NI PXI Oscilloscope acquires and analyzes time- and frequency‐domain analog signals as part of a PXI system.

PXI Serial Instrument Control Module
The NI PXI Serial Instrument Control Module enables you to communicate with and control external serial hardware from a PXI or PXI Express chassis.

RF Power Sensor Device
The NI RF Power Sensor Device measures the power of continuous wave signals, ranging from single-tone and multitoned to wideband, complex digital waveforms.

VirtualBench (All In One Instrument)
The NI VirtualBench (All In One Instrument) combines an oscilloscope and other common instruments into a single device that connects to a PC or iPad.

Waveform Generator Device
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C Series Motor Drive Interface Module
The NI C Series Motor Drive Interface Module offers direct connectivity to hundreds of stepper and servo drives.

C Series LIN Interface Module
NI C Series LIN Interface Modules enable CompactRIO or CompactDAQ systems to connect to and communicate on a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus.

C Series Multifunction I/O Module
The NI C Series Multifunction I/O Module combines common I/O circuitry, including analog and digital I/O, into a single module for CompactRIO systems.

C Series Universal Analog Input Module
The NI C Series Universal Analog Input Module Provides analog input channels for voltage, current, temperature, and more in CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems.

Camera Link Adapter Module for FlexRIO
The NI Camera Link Adapter Module for FlexRIO enables FPGA‐based image processing that can perform custom image analysis on FlexRIO systems.

CAN Interface Device
NI CAN Interface Devices communicate using onboard transceivers for High-Speed/Flexible Data Rate, Low-Speed/Fault-Tolerant, and/or Single-Wire CAN as well as any external transceiver.

CompactDAQ Controller
The NI CompactDAQ Controller integrates a multi-core processor with modular I/O, standard peripheral connectivity, and display capabilities.

Controller Device for PXI
The NI Controller Device for PXI controls PXI or PXI Express systems over a MXI interface from a rack-mount form factor.

Counter/Timer Device
The NI Counter/Timer Device performs counter timer tasks such as encoder position measurement, event counting, period measurement, and more in desktop systems.

Digital Reconfigurable I/O Device
The NI Digital Reconfigurable I/O Device configures digital lines as inputs, outputs, counters/timers, or custom communication protocols using FPGA-based logic.

Digitizer Adapter Module for FlexRIO
The NI Digitizer Adapter Module for FlexRIO provides high‐speed analog I/O to digitize signals from your transducer.

Motion Controller Device
The NI Motion Controller Device controls up to eight axes of stepper and servo motion and supports stepper generation for smooth motion at high velocities.

Module Development Kit for FlexRIO
The NI Module Development Kit for FlexRIO includes resources and guidance for developing a custom FlexRIO adapter module.

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