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IMAQdx Error 0xBFF69009 When I Try to Snap or Grab Images with Camera in NI MAX
Error -1074360311Camera not found occurs at IMAQdx Configure and similar error in NI MAX. However, the cameraappears in NI MAX and I can acquire from the camera using third-party software, ...

cRIO-904x Not Showing Dialog Box to Select Scan Interface or FPGA Interface Mode While Adding as New Target Device in NI LabVIEW Project
While adding cRIO-9047 as a real-time target in NI LabVIEW, I'm no longer able to see the Select Programming Mode Dialog box wherein I could select Scan Interface or FPGA Interface as options for my RT ...

Algorithm Used by the LabVIEW Random Number (0 - 1) Function
What is the algorithm used by the LabVIEW Random Number (0 - 1) function, and what is its period?

sbRIO Loses Time Synchronization When Powered Off
I have an sbRIO that relies on accurate timestamps for synchronization purposes. When DC power is supplied, the time information remains accurate, but when power is interrupted the timestamps lose their ...

Asynchronous Front Panel Not Updating When Opened With Values
I am calling a front panel VI asynchronously and am populating the controls and indicators before I open the visible front panel. On the first run, the controls and indicators do not populate.

How Do I Open EWB 5 Files in NI Multisim 12.0?
I have several Electronics Workbench 5 (EWB 5) files saved on my PC and would like to open them in Multisim 12.0. Is this possible?

Computers Cannot Communicate with Each Other Using UDP or TCP/IP
I am using the LabVIEW example Simple UDP.lvproj to do a UDP communication. But the two computers cannot communicate with each other. The same situation with TCP/IP (with Timeout error). I tried to ping ...

How to Use PFI0 Line on Chassis in cRIO 9054
I wanted to use the cRIO 9054 as a digital input line how can I do this?

Continuity Test on the Output Pin of the PXI-6733 Causes a Beep Sound
I have set up PXI-6733, a module dedicated to analog output. However, when I perform a continuity test on the PXI-6733's output and ground pins with a multimeter, and it indicates that it is shorted with ...

Why Don't I See All the Wire Modes for the RS-485 Port on My Controller or Serial Card?
Why do I only see 2 Wire Auto and 4 Wire modes for the RS-485 port on my cRIO Controller, PXI Controller, or Serial Card?