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Buy the edition of LabVIEW that best meets your needs. Your purchase includes LabVIEW 2017, LabVIEW NXG, and one year of NI’s Standard Service Program (SSP).

roboRIO - Advanced Robotics Controller
The NI roboRIO - Advanced Robotics Controller controls common sensors and actuators used in advanced robotics applications.

VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument
The NI VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument combines an oscilloscope and other common instruments into a single device that connects to a PC or iPad.

Analog Discovery 2
The Analog Discovery 2 gives students access to a 100 MS/s oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, and six other instruments in a pocket-sized lab device.

Analog Output Module for Remote I/O
The NI Analog Output Module for Remote I/O provides analog output channels for current or voltage for remote I/O systems.

Analog Output Device
The NI Analog Output Device provides static or dynamic multichannel analog output signals.

Automotive Ethernet Interface Device
The NI Automotive Ethernet Interface Device Enables devices to connect and communicate on an Automotive Ethernet port.

Area Scan Camera
Area Scan Cameras capture a two-dimensional image in one exposure cycle.

C Series CAN Interface Module
NI C Series CAN Interface Modules enable CompactRIO or CompactDAQ systems to connect to and communicate on a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus.

C Series Counter Input Module
The NI C Series Counter Input Module performs counter timer tasks such as encoder position measurement, event counting, period measurement, and more.