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Solved: Digital output (0/5volts) using USB or RS232? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Dear Friends, i need to switch on and off some device using some transistor ....ect. I would like to switch on/off using USB or RS232 from

Contrôle d'instrument avec Labwindows CVI - Discussion Forums
Bonjour, Je développe actuellement une application de contrôle d'instrument avec Labwindows CVI et j'ai utilisé l'assistant IO pour réaliser cette

GPIB card not found in MAX - Discussion Forums
I have installed a PCI-GPIb card and it iworking fine but when i go to MAX to configure all the cards i have installed the GPIb card is not present.

failure of serial communication - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have a problem about the serial communication between LabVIEW and a FTDI chip (UART to USB). I cannot read from this serial port. Even no

Communication Protocol with RS485 and Yokogawa UP55A - Discussion Forums
Hi all, I have input the exact commands according to the UP55A manual and pretty sure the connections are correct but my labview doesnt seems to be

install ni-visa scientific linux - Discussion Forums
hi, i am not able to install ni-visa on SL6. I get the following error: Unpacking install files to /tmp/nivisa-5.3.0f0.install...

Solved: How to use IBCLR in Visual Basic - Discussion Forums
Solved: I suck at programming and the API's syntax recommendations on do not work. I'm using Visual Basic

Is there an update to ni488.h for visual - Discussion Forums
I've been trying to create an interface for a Network Analyzer with an ni488.2 gpib system, and I can't get it to work. When I compile even the

2410 and 2651A trigger - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am rather clueless and new to trigger concept for coding for Keithley instruments.. I wanted to develop a simple code that can send trigger

Current measurement and display of RC circuit - Discussion Forums
Suppose I have a RC circuit and a known supply. The current in an RC circuit would vary. How can I measure the current in this case? I want to

GPIB-USB-HS does not appear / is not recognized by Measurement and Automation Explorer, LabView 2012 - Discussion Forums
Hi. I'm trying to get a NI GPIB-USB-HS working to interface my computer with a Keithley 2400 sourcemeter. I am running Windows 7 64 bit (on some

tcp - Discussion Forums
Hi I create the following algoritm --First i open tcp connectin --then i read holdin register using "Ethernet READ Holding register"

Problem using GPIB-ENET/1000 with VISA - Discussion Forums
Hello, i installed a GPIB-ENET/1000 device for my measurement equipment to use it viw Ethernet. When i try to communicate with the devices via VISA i

Solved: LabVIEW Driver for DG5101 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I have a function generator Rigol DG5101 model and can not find the driver for labview. I just found the driver for 1k and 4k series. In

Using RS 232C and DAQ 6009 to communicate and record data - Discussion Forums
Hi I'm new to serial and bus communication. I've never write a labVIEW code from scratch before and I'm not sure where to start. I have a

VISA 0xBFFF0011 (insufficient location information or resource not present) with ICS Electronics 8065 LAN to GPIB gateway - Discussion Forums
Hi, this problem has me pretty much completely stumped. Any ideas or guidance is very welcome. My hardware: ICS Electronics model 8065 LAN GPIB

Agilent 33500B - "Too much data" when loading <100KSa? - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am controlling an Agilent 33522B using VISA and am having some trouble trying to load a 1MSa arbitrary waveform. When I try and load any more

Using Chroma A615003 with 6160x - Discussion Forums
I am trying to use the Chroma 61604 in conjunction with a Chroma 615003 AC transformer to acheive 480Vac. I cannot figure out how to enable the

Snap Image with IMAQ - Discussion Forums
Hi, For some reason, I am unable to talk to the camera I have setup from LabVIEW. If I go to NI-MAX, I can see all of the features of the camera and

Can I use an ethernet cable to connect an old FTIR spectrometer to a PC - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have aquired an old Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2000 FT-IR spectrometer. The cable for connecting our Spectrum 2000 FTIR spectrometer to a computer

Tektronix TDS 3000 series GPIB-USB control - Discussion Forums
I have a Tektronix TDS 3032 oscilloscope hooked up to a computer via a GPIB-USB-HS connector. I am trying to control it using the instrument driver

Solved: What could cause a VI to change its behaviour depending on if it was run in isolation or as a part of a larger program? - Discussion Forums
Solved: I have tried to collect a list of frequencies used from an Agilent 4294A impedance analyser. I have managed to collect the data but there are

Solved: SR850 Data to Computer - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to obtain the data from my SR850 and send it to my computer. I want to send the data via a GPIB cable

VISA + Testut T501 - Discussion Forums
Bonjour, J'essaie de recevoir la valeur d'un terminal de pesage Testut T501 en passant par Visa Write - Read sauf que le signal reçu est instable. Je

AVL smoke meter connection problems - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have problems to communicate with AVL 415 Smoke meter. The self-made .vi and communication has been working for years, but now when I tried to

Sorensen XG series AUX output LabView Control - Discussion Forums
I have control of the main output supply using the XG Series LabView VI's (DC850W). I would like the capability of enabling the AUX output via

Multiple VI's collecting on one DMM/Mux - Discussion Forums
I have a PXI-4070 mux'd with a PXI-2503. I am trying to create multiple VI's to read the DMM (for example, one VI for voltages on a range of

GPIB-USB-HS found in NI MAX, but no instruments found? - Discussion Forums
am using Windows 7 on a PC, just installed NI-488.2 for brand new GPIB-USB-HS. I have the GPIB-USB-HS connected to an Agilent E4419B power meter. in

usb-gpib hangs my system - Discussion Forums
My USB-GPIB-HS has screeched to a halt again. The software using the adapter simply stops and is unresponsive. The only thing that works is

GPIB/TNT PnP DOS Installation Issue - Discussion Forums
I have a AT- GPIB / TNT PnP board that I am trying to install on a DOS computer. I am using the latest NI488.2 software for DOS. On bootup, the GPIB

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