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Solved: 2017 Result Properties name change - Discussion Forums
Solved: So I just started using version 2017 and noticed that due to the new property organization, the property name from calculation results have

I can't get data from my ohaus scale in Labview - Discussion Forums
Hello everyone, I want to have my bioreactor system automatized with labview. The problem is that I have an Ohaus scale (R41ME30) connected through a

Solved: When making an .exe, what exactly should I do with the subVIs? - Discussion Forums
Solved: This should be a really simple question to those experienced in LabVIEW, but how should I load the subVIs I've used into the project

Solved: LabVIEW Drivers for Sigma Systems TS Controller? - Discussion Forums
Solved: All, I am looking for LabVIEW drivers to control a Sigma Systems TS controller, model K-TS4-3-1-O-C-B. We are using it to control their

More than 2 Kudos confuses Lithium - Discussion Forums
I got a notification that this post received another Kudo. 1) The notification said XXX and 2 other people... The real answer should

Solved: Convert from Labview version 13 to Labview 2012 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, Could someone please convert the project and associated VIs in the folder to Labview 2012? Thank you very much!

Mixed Signal Graph ignores Defer Frontpanel Update - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using a mixed signal graph within Labview 2015 64Bit, SPI1. I am writing serveral plots to the graph and then assign them to one of eight

EHL and MHL-DAQ and MHL-Log - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am looking for some feedback on the basic QMH (Queued Message Handler) design pattern I have attached. My main question: Have I done anything

Trim is not re-entrant. Why? - Discussion Forums
The "Trim" is a very useful utility and gets sprinkled all over a project. It can be called from various simultaneous parts

Industrial automation - Discussion Forums
Hello, on a test bench, I use an industrial automaton to order the recording of my values. I then use the "Read" function in

Help With Scales - Discussion Forums
Good Afternoon Friends, I work in an IT department and we have hit some issues after restoring an old Lookout Project file used to control some lab

Solved: not executed - Discussion Forums
Solved: I made a PID controller and added a sub vi of a fuzzy controller. The idea is to add the outputs of fuzzy and PID controller. But when I run

NI-DCPwr ignores IVI DriverSetup String set in NI MAX - Discussion Forums
Hi everyone, I want to specify the simulated instrument Model in the "Driver Setup" field in NI MAX. In NI MAX I gave the Driver Setup as

DAQ error possible capatability issue - Discussion Forums
Hello All, I currently upgraded my work PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 now running Labview 8.5. I currently have a NI PCI 6013 DAQ device, but when

80 MHz bandwidth in 802.11 Application Framework - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am studying the performance of the 802.11 ac standard using NI USRP 2954R. For this, I need the 80 MHz bandwidth. As the white paper states,

Solved: HELP: NI-488.2 Runtime 16.0: Service 'NI Configuration Manager' (mxssvr) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services. - Discussion Forums
Solved: I receive this message when attempting to update my visa along with some other NI device drivers. NI-488.2 Runtime 16.0: Service 'NI

Unable to activate multisim live account for premium user - Discussion Forums
Hi All I have free profile in Multisim Live, and want to make it premium. I have written the serial number which I have in my desktop Multisim in the

Increment Contents of FPGA Block Memory - Discussion Forums
I am attempting to to perform sequential high-speed data acquisitions using LabVIEW FPGA. I would like to process the data on the FPGA and then

Communication with Keithley 2700 via GPIB - Discussion Forums
Hello! I am trying to connect a Keithley 2700 device to a windows 7 PC via GPIB. Specifically, I am using Keithley's KUSB-488B (USB to GPIB

How to find distance between usrp and the object reflcting its rf wave using 2901 and labview 2014 - Discussion Forums
Hi I want to find the distance between my usrp and the object from which its 2.1 GHz wave would reflect back that come in its way. please guide me

How to find distance between usrp and the object reflecting its rf wave using 2901 and labView 2014 - Discussion Forums
Hi I want to find the distance between my usrp and the object from which its 2.1 GHz wave would reflect back that come in its way. please guide me

How to find distance between usrp and the object reflcting its rf wave using 2901 and labview 2014 - Discussion Forums
Hi I want to find the distance between my usrp and the object from which its 2.1 GHz wave would reflect back that come in its way. please guide me

UDP in Veristand Model instead of Custom Device - Discussion Forums
Hello. I have developed a complex model from Simulink which needs to comunicate via UDP. The first problem I have is that the model doesn't support

Power source - Discussion Forums
Hello everyone,I made a circuit on Multisim and for the power I used Vcc = 5 V and ground.When I replace the power source with a 5 V battery and

Simulink array output as columns (1x300) and Labview models inputs as rows (300x1) - Discussion Forums
Hello. I have a problem with models array inputs/outputs. When I generate a model from Simulink with an output as array it is defined as columns

labview做锁相环 - NI Community
United States   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Regional Communities : NI台灣 技術論壇 : NI產品與技術 討論區 : labview做锁相环 NI | 產品與技術 討論區 註冊成為社群會員 · 登入 · 說明 所有社群此類別此討論區知識庫使用者 取消 開啟建議 自動建議透過在您鍵入單字時,提示可能相符的結果,幫助您快速縮小搜尋結果。 ...

Draw a Graph in PDF format - Discussion Forums
Hi, In my test, I am plotting a Waveform Chart for different(real-time) parameter. After completing my test I want to save the graph(all datas) as a

video file transmission - Discussion Forums
hello, I want to transmit a video file from one system to other system using two USRPs (N2932). How can I do this?

Re: Use listbox to select multiple channels and display on the graph - Discussion Forums
hi, i need a exact thing for xy graph but i need to select which channel should display in x and y axis of the graph(i mean channel 1 can be

Pspice-->Multisim translation ((EF86) - Discussion Forums
This seems like it should be a fairly easy task, but after messing with it intermittently for several years, I've never been able to get the model to

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