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software limit and find reference - Discussion Forums
With a PI-7342 are the software limit enabled during find_flex_reference moves? This can cause problems because, during this move the origin is not

How to change current on MID7654/7652 - Discussion Forums
Hi I am trying to use MID-7654/7652 to drive my servo motor with the motion controller. However, the smallest output current I can get from the

Contrôle avec feedback en force NI 9514 - Discussion Forums
Bonjour, J'ai à contrôler un actionneur en force et en position avec un feedback provenant d'une cellule de force ou de l'encodeur selon le type de

Planning for NI week 2008 - Discussion Forums
Hi Everybody! it's quite a dream, but... I hope I can be at NI week 2008! So I was seeking some useful infos about it. I'd like to understand better,

Micro switch in a SolidWorks to LabView through SoftMotion - Discussion Forums
Hi.. I´m working on a virtual prototype i a SolidWorks assembly and i´ll like to control it with LabView. To monitor where my pars are during

How to programmatically change the feedback device?? - Discussion Forums
Hello,   We are using the NI UMI7774, together with a Servo-drive for a linear actuator. In our application, we must first go to a certain position,

How can i read RPM of a motor through external encoder? - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Hardware Boards : Motion Control and Motor Drives : How can i read RPM of a motor through ...

The Impact of Windows Vista on Test - Discussion Forums
Came across this, thought I'd post if for general information:

cRio Building Drop Picture - Discussion Forums
Could someone please direct me to the picture of the person throwing off a cRio from a building. I have seen the video, but it is very hard to obtain

Calculating motion rate and conveyor move in mm for every pulse of encoder - Discussion Forums
Dear friends, I need to understand the calculation of motion rate for given line scan rate. i have line-scan camera connected to servo motor. i know

Solved: How to move on two axis, each axis having a different velocity, using a PXI-7332 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Using a PXI-7332, I need to do two simultaneous moves, one on axis 1, one on axis 2, with independent velocities (and targets) for each axis,

need XP driver for a PCI 7324 motion io board - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Hardware Boards : Motion Control and Motor Drives : need XP driver for a PCI 7324 motion ...

Starware - A new concept ? - Discussion Forums
Most of us have developped vi's that could be shared with the community. It is always possible to submit our work as example code to the

recommmendation for motion control in mid-7604 - Discussion Forums
I got a new mid-7604 recently. So what type of PCI card should I use to control mid-7604 in Labview? Does 6023E or DIO32HS works? Thank you.

Modeling S-Curve acceleration and Deceleration? - Discussion Forums
Hello,   I would like to model the response of a motor to a step change in target position. I currently have an EC motor and a PXI-7358 motion

Solved: Log synchronized analog inputs and position - Discussion Forums
Solved: I want to read eight analog inputs (just three AI in the code capture) with a PCI-6221 at a rate of 100 samples/sec, reading 10

PWM - Discussion Forums
Hi, In the shade of my research I need a sample multisim file which can make a model of PWM for 3 phase MOSFET inverter. Could you please help me

How can i put a text inside a motion control? - Discussion Forums
I'm an italian student and I'm trying the software Motion Control... I want to write with a small milling machine some text. The text is write in a

NI is ooking for more LabVIEW Champions! - Discussion Forums
Jeff will be posting an anouncement to make it official soon but as special sneak-preview for those that frequent the BreakPoint, I'm giving Y'all

We're so g(c)lad we passed! - Discussion Forums
Just got our FedEX packages today after taking the free CLAD exam at the Toronto Developer Day event a couple of weeks ago. Three out of four passed

PCI 7334 & UMI 7764 - Discussion Forums
I'm currently using PCI 7334 card and UMI 7764 motion controller. May I know how to start to write the program? I tried to go thro the examples under

-70163(NIMC_invalidLimitRangeError) - Discussion Forums
When I attempt to initialize my PXI-7350 motion controller in MAX, I keep receiving the error: "-70163(NIMC_invalidLimitRangeError)" and

ULN2003A SPICE Model - Discussion Forums
Hi, I'm trying to design a circuit that requires the ULN2003A driver IC. I've checked the Multisim ULN2003 model and it is an empty file - i.e. no

Monthly Bug Thread, March 2007 - Discussion Forums
This is the continuation of the February bug Thread Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to the

Solved: regenrative braking capabilities of MID-7652 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello I'm doing preliminary research on the following project concerned with the reel-to-reel web handling system.  The system should consist

Solved: Encoder Feedback with a Servo Motor - Discussion Forums
Solved: I want to use Encoder oder Position feedback with my servo motor in MAX or VIs. How do I do it? Thanks

7344 servo motion switching between open and closed loop operation - Discussion Forums
I have a custom end-of-line test system presently using a 4-axis 7344 servo controller to perform various functional tests on small, brushed DC

Totally awsome Crelf - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Special Interest Boards : BreakPoint : Totally awsome Crelf BreakPoint Register for the community ...

Challenge for the experts ! - Discussion Forums
How would you cut a hole through front panel objects ? Could you build something equivalent to the vi below ? And if you know the trick, please don't

stepper motor - Discussion Forums
Hello Iam controlling a stepper motor through a daq board's DIOs, now iam using a LM18293(push pull driver) to amplify currents to run the motor.

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