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Solved: Integer digits to double numeric - elegant way? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, This seems very simple, but I feel my solution is a quick and dirty one. How would you do it? Scenario: i have 5 integer inputs in an

Eliminating the copy when passing array in persistent buffer from C to LabVIEW - Discussion Forums
I am using a myRIO to interface between a kinect sensor and some labview code. First I cross compiled the driver (libfreenect) and a small wrapper,

How to do arbitration in LabVIEW FPGA - Discussion Forums
Hello Everyone, I want to do arbitration in LabVIEW FPGA. But i am not getting how to do that, i searched for that but unable to understand exactly

SubVI gives different result when inline - Discussion Forums
Hey Guys. I have a small SubVI that I use to calculate the number of steps to ramp to a final value from an initial value. It works fine most of the

Solved: Connecting open collector pulse output of flow meter to NI 9361 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, Acquiring the Pulse Signal output from a Flow meter (Flow meter Output: Passive open collector, 30V, 250mA) using NI 9361 and cDAQ 9185.

transistor circuit not working - Discussion Forums
Hi. I'm pretty new to this software, so I am not sure if I am making a mistake with my circuit setup, but all of the components I am attempting to

Compressing Data for storage in SQL 2008 Database - Discussion Forums
hello, Im new to the forum but not new to LV. My current project requires me to test a product and post data to the SQL database. Earlier this week

Delta servodriver using ethercat CoE - Discussion Forums
Am I capable of read the actual torque of the servomotor while controlling in position or velocity mode?

5.1 VIs to 2017 - Discussion Forums
Hello, could someone convert this VI from 5.1 to 2017? I would be very thankful.

NISysCfgInitializeSession and IP Addresses - Discussion Forums
CVI 2017, Win7, two different computers. Trying to get the CalibrationAudit example to work with my cDAQ hardware. The first function call passes the

Solved: VISA Read overrun error - PeakTech multimeter with serial communication - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello! I face a strange problem, someone with deeper knowledge might give me a hint what can cause it... Story: I just purchased a multimeter

Rising edge trigger &DC voltage output - Discussion Forums
Hi there, Excuse me, I need to use LabVIEW 2017 to control NI data acquisition card USB-6366 to generate four ±5V DC voltage signals(after four

Solved: Long running measurement, time t0 of waveform - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, the vi "DAQmx Read, Analog Wfm 1Chan NSamp" read a waveform wf from the DAQmx task. The waveform has the components: t0 : the

bullet proof way to compile FPGA, run on startup for Hybrid mode and find resource names - Discussion Forums
I got a cRIO 9074, profibus module and NI 9871, 9870. it seems FPGA bitfile has to run first so then in Scan mode the other modules are found,

Programmatically determining the module to which a cDAQ task belongs - Discussion Forums
I have some code that does some work organizing analog inputs on M and X series devices. Basically, I want to take in a list of physical channels on

How many axes can I create on cRIO 9068 and 9042 using SoftMotion Drive Interface (SDI)? - Discussion Forums
How many axes can I create using softmotion drive interface with Ethercat (CoE)? What is the maximum frequency can I set on the control loop for the

Getting Results from executed Sequence in Remote Execution - Discussion Forums
I have two machines. One of them is host and the other one the remote. I execute some sequences in remote machine from host machine. So I need the

Unexplained disconnection of instrument connected via ethernet/VISA - Discussion Forums
Hello all, My lab is using a Honeywell 2182 UDA to interface with a Durafet pH probe. The UDA is connected directly to a Windows 7 PC via an ethernet

pulse sensor - Discussion Forums
hello every one actually I am trying to use the pulse sensor XD-58C to determine the rate heart and the BPM with labview . so can you help me please

Running WSN NI on LabVIEW 2016 - Discussion Forums
Hi, I'm building a application with the WSN NI 3226 and a gateway 9791. I'm aware that this sistem has support until LV 2015, but I must work on LV

Set Pause Trigger while using DAQmxConnectTerms - Discussion Forums
Hi all, I am wondering if I can set pause trigger on the connected terminal? I am using "DAQmxConnectTerms" to connect two PFI lines, and

Problem uploading Veristand project with WebDAV - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am finding a problem when I am uploading file to the (NI PXIe-8135) with Veristand 2016, WebDAV is asking for a username and password . I read

determine peaks and valley width - Discussion Forums
Hi, Im working with Basic level trigger detection vi to determine the width of different peaks on my signal but the problem is that my signal contain

Getting value of a typedef'ed container via LabVIEW Invoke Node - Discussion Forums
Hi all, Hopefully this'll be an easy one? I'm trying to use a LabVIEW invoke node to get the value of a TestStand variable. The TestStand variable is

Can I use ISC-1782 smart camera like a local GigE/USB camera? - Discussion Forums
Hello, My ISC-1782 smart camera (NI Linux Real-Time version) is working well by deploying an example NI-IMAQdx image acquisition VI (Grab (178x Smart

why the report write opens 2 excel sheets when creating a new report - Discussion Forums
whenever a generate a new report it generates 2 sheets one of a blank sheet and one a sheet from my template file. I would like to only have the

INA118 Component Wizard - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am new to multisim and I am trying to work with the component wizard to enter the spice file for the INA118. However, I get the error message

Solved: Struggling With References in Queued Message Handler - Discussion Forums
Solved: I am trying to connect my UI data cluster to my references from the front panel. They are both the same types but LabVIEW keeps telling me

Solved: How to plot multichannel graph taking data from a queue (i.e. points of random channels one by one)? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, I am scanning 10 resistors (measuring resistance) using a multiplexer card PXI-2503 and a soursemeter Keithley 2400. As I'm reading

Solved: Multiple AI reads cause timing violation - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I have a simple piece of FPGA code that writes to 8 digital outputs and reads from 72 AI channels (spread across three 9205 modules) in