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My rio required an user name and password - Discussion Forums
Hi there! I have some problem with my rio. At first when I lunching getting started wizard myRIO-1900 require an user name and password? It's my

myRIO no me aparece en labview a la hora de programar - Discussion Forums
buen día, tengo el siguiente inconveniente con el myRIO, ya tengo todos los programas instalados y en labview me aparece el dispositivo myRIO. y

Problems with Wireless Mode myRio - Discussion Forums
When I connect the myRIO via USB to my laptop, I go over to and go to the network setting page.   Attached picture   the wireless

UART and FPGA - Discussion Forums
On the myRIO, can the UART express VI be used on RT while in FPGA mode with customized FPGA code?  I was under the impression that the UART is

myRIO: programming FPGA (VHDL) - Discussion Forums
I'm currently studying Systems Engineering and I need some help concerning myRIO: I have to find out if the myRIO-FPGA is programmable (VHDL, no

Solved: Dilemma with the Default and High Throughput FPGA personalities - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello everyone,   I would like to use I²C and Audio Out in the same project using the myRIO hardware, but this doesn't seem to be possible

Errors when Using NI ELVISMX as a Sub VI - Discussion Forums
I'm trying to use the Data Logging function in the ELVISMX library as a sub VI in one of my projects. However, I keep getting errors that make it

Problem with sample output myDAQ - Discussion Forums
Hey, I am following this tutorial - I am using exactly the same settings, except that I have myDAQ as my

How can I use myRio as data acquisition device, - Discussion Forums
Hello Guys,  i am new to this field and subject, i am trying to work on a load cell project.  The idea of the project is to conect a load cell to a

Solved: Digital Electronics FPGA Board Hardware Driver for Windows 10 - Discussion Forums
Solved: My son has just made me aware that his high school owns a dozen National Instruments Digital Electronics FPGA boards but they have never been

problem with Biosignal acquisition with myRIO - Discussion Forums
Hi! I'm experimenting some problems with bioignal acquisition with myRIO, corrently i have to acquire an EMG, but a have tons on problems to acquire

Problem to send attachments using SMTP mail - Discussion Forums
Hello. I am running the VI attached on my NI myrio as Real time application... My only problem is the mail sending only the name of the attachment,

loaner diploma thesis - Discussion Forums
Hallo, Is it possible to get a stepper-motion loaner for graduate work form NI? Whom can I contact? Thanks Beko

UI on myRIO - Discussion Forums
Does the real time (RT) target on the myRIO has embedded UI functionality?  Can data be sent from the FPGA to RT and have data displayed on the RT

I2C on myRIO High Throughput personality - Discussion Forums
Hi   I am using the the myRIO High Throughput personality to create a 2000 Hz sine signal using the N samples analog output. I am trying to measure

PMOD Gyro: Change sensitivity (250 dps to 500 dps) - Discussion Forums
Helloo :)   I am using the PMOD gyro example code ( ) and I had the following question: The gyro doesn't

Solved: Is it possible to manually use DIO Pin14 for bit-banging? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi,   I recently asked for slowing down the I2C SCL clock, but as far as I know, the SCL signal comes from a defined function in the FPGA.

Solved: Is it possible to slow down the I2C rate from 100kHz to 20kHz or lower using MyRIO-1900? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi!    I couldn't find any thread which addresses my problem via search. So here is my problem: I need to slow down the I2C speed from 100kHz

data acquisition with NI myRIO? - Discussion Forums
Hi everyone,   For a new project,I have to aquire data from different sensors. The problem is, the main program must run on a PC, because ther are

MyRIo SPI Write Polarity of MOSI - Discussion Forums
Hi Folks, I’ve got a challenge with MyRio MOSI output. Would it be possible to set this output passive on high? If not this is not an option, my

Software CPU Extreme Resource Use - Discussion Forums
Hello all,  I recently installed signal express and labview for use with a myDAQ on a Windows 10 PC and I am having some issues. Why do these

3D Plot in Myrio - Discussion Forums
Is it possible to display realtime 3D Plot in Myrio, because I cannot find it in block function. When only using Labview itself I could find that

Buffer Size USB 6009 - Discussion Forums
I am new with NI and Labview. In my application, the sampling rate is 20 kHz. With 14 bit resolution the sample size for 2 seconds will be 70KB. The

DO\DI lines on prototype board - Discussion Forums
This message was previously posted and lost. I have found that the DO lines on the prototype board are working as input lines and the DI lines are

Solved: Setting threshold values for digital inputs [myDAQ] - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Additional NI Product Boards : Academic Hardware Products (ELVIS, myDAQ, myRIO) : Setting threshold ...

How to log data on micro SD with myRIO ? - Discussion Forums
Hello community !   I need to log data on a micro SD with myRIO.   For the needs of my project, I am using the Digilent Shield Adapter for NI myRIO (

sbRIO-9637 analog signal generation - Discussion Forums
Hey everyone! I'm somewhat new to LabVIEW (been using it for about 5 months), and I'm working on a Senior Design project for my capstone course. We

How to Increase sample rate while configuring Analogue Input (High throughput Personality ) - Discussion Forums
Hey there! I am new user, While configuring myrio for getting an analogue signal ranging from 250Khz to 500 Khz I found that I should use highthrough

Read data from multiple USB ports - Discussion Forums
Hello, This is my first post on here and I am extremely new to the world of LabVIEW and myRIO so please bare with me an my ignorance. I am trying to

myRIO - Help Measuring Wind Turbine RPM using Photointerrupter + Slotted Disk - Discussion Forums
Hi all, very new to LabVIEW and have recieved no formal training so my work is rudimentary. I have a photointerrupter that is attached to a wind

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