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Run Vi using TTL input from external source - Discussion Forums
Hello guys I am currently making a PIV system but I need the VI to run according to an external TTL signal. I need my program to fire an LED for a

Proof My vi - Discussion Forums
I am trying to improve the efficiency of my vi as much as possible and was wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks, or corrections. The vi is a

Running Two Time Loops in cRIO Real Time Application - Discussion Forums
Hi there, Our application has one major timed loop, running at about 4ms on a cRIO-0939 Unfortunately we have run out of loop time even with our four

Thorlabs DCC USB camera error .NET 1172 - Discussion Forums
Hello, I've got a Thorlabs CCD1645 USB camera, and I can't get any of the example VIs to run. I am getting the general 1172 .NET error, even for the

Solved: Using ActiveX is it possible to edit the text of shapes in Excel? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello! So I have an excel file that I am filling in using ActiveX in Labview. I ran into an issue however where I have some

Shared Variables between cRIO Host and FPGA in different projects - Discussion Forums
Up until now we have directly read or write the FPGA controls from the cRIO host. However we have become time constrained. It seems we have about

Ensure Completion of Asynchronous Loops from User Event - Discussion Forums
I have a that generates user events which are received by 2 Asynchronous (x80 called) SubVi's. However, I need to eliminate a race condition

Import NI MAX Configuration file (*nce) programmaticaly - Discussion Forums
Hello all, I want to import a NI MAX configuration file (*.nce file) programmatically. I know that there is a Labview VI that exists ( under

Thorlabs APT motor controlling through ActiveX - methods description needed - Discussion Forums
Hello everyone, I am currently trying to control my Thorlabs' stepper motor with LabVIEW, through the APT and ActiveX interfaces. I am not looking

Simple non-inverting amplifier design not working - Discussion Forums
Could anyone explain why my design for the non-inverting amplifier isn't working? And how to fix it? I am supposed to get a voltage output of around

Using myRIO Analog Pins as Digital Out Pins? - Discussion Forums
Hi Community, I was just wondering, can we use the analog pins of myRIO as digital output pins? I need 48 independent PWMs for an application and

power supply controller using MyRio - Discussion Forums
I am supposed to control the voltage and current output of a Delta ES 030 power supply , using Myrio and labview programming . Can someone help ?

Need help to create a Microsecond precised triggering programm ( Using PCI DIO-32 HS ) - Discussion Forums
Hi Everyone, I need to trigger some devices using my PCI card after some specific time ( different time wait for each triggering without any specific

Simulated Device - Can you View Activity? - Discussion Forums
I am using a Simulated 6343 Device in MAX. I have some Digital Output Tasks defined which are called from my program. My program is happy to use the

Extract data from a file while still being written - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have a DAQ program which writes measurments to a text file. I need to write a parallel program in LabVIEW which takes the data from the text

Install windows OS in cDAQ 9133 - Discussion Forums
Hi, I'm using cDAQ 9133 with NI linux RT. I would like to install either a windows 7 or a Windows Embedded System 7 into the the cDAQ 9133. Can

Power Supply Controller (ES 030 10 Delta Elektronika) Using LabView / NI Myrio - Discussion Forums
I am a student , an for my thesis project I have to build a power supply controller that should control voltage and current output and generate

Very New to VeriStand and LabVIEW - Discussion Forums
We have to develop an automated test environment for our project. So for this we are planning to proceed with NI VeriStand and Lab VIEW we are not

Switch until released myRIO / cRIO - Discussion Forums
Hi I would like to control a stepper motor with buttons on the Front panel. They should have the function of switching until released. But when I try

Connecting cable for UMI7764 - Discussion Forums
Can I use SHC68-68-EPM cable in place of SH68-C68-S to connect my motion control card PXI 7344 to UMI7764?

Monitoring Teststand run time error using NI API - Discussion Forums
I am working on running Teststand sequence running using "NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API" using in C#. I am able to run

Solved: Overlay black and white picture transparent on Live Stream using Vision Acquisition - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi All, I want to overlay a black and white Picture transparent on a live stream that i got from Vision Acquisition. I have one solution that

Convert build script in LabVIEW not 2014 - Discussion Forums
Hello, I have searched about the possibility to convert an old .bld file into a newer LabVIEW project. In the menu "Tools" of LabVIEW 2014

Solved: How to automatically turn off a dialog box - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello I'm wanting to create a VI to control a dialog box that has the option of: 1) being used normally - i.e. the user presses a button to

Use Integrated IO - Discussion Forums
...Hi! I've just bought an Industrial PC with an integrated IO board I'd like to use. In the Manual there is this example on hot to configure the

Saving as older version, then resaving as same version - Discussion Forums
I have found this rather anoying lately and hope there's an easy workaround. I am in the situation of having to use two different PCs for LabView,

Use Labview buttons instead of teststand buttons - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am using simple user interface and modifying it. I have added teststand buttons for start , Run selected step, loop on selected steps , Break,

Solved: JSON unflattening - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi guys, I'm having such a hard time with this little task, decoding a JSON string. I have a data mismatch. Can someone please have a look

Update Waveform Chart with every new iteration/cycle of 10 data / horizontal slider control - Discussion Forums
Hello, I know this may be very simple for any of you here. I am desperately needing help on this as mentioned in the subject. The CSV file attached

Kill or stop System - Discussion Forums
I am using System in wait until completion and run minimized mode to run some script for JTAG. sometime if any error in JTAG the script will