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How to connect DAQ and FPGA through PXI chassis backplane - Discussion Forums
Greetings, I'm trying to use a NI DAQ (PXIe-6356) to control a FlexRIO FPGA (PXIe-7972R), or the other way around, through PXI chassis backplane. To

Problem with DaqMx - Discussion Forums
Hello, This is clearly not my field of specialty and I am not even sure I am posting in the right section. I am a physicist using NI cards to

LabVIEW Driver for QuickSyn Lite Synthesizer - Discussion Forums
Hello all, I have a QuickSyn Lite Synthesizer here FSL-E020 So, I would like to know if we have any LabVIEW Driver available from NI for this Module.

HDL compiler fails on IP integration - Discussion Forums
Good morning everybody, hopefully to post in the right community section, I am experiencing troubles when trying to generate an IP block from an

PCIe-6351 Analog outputs reference issue - Discussion Forums
Hello all, We are using a PCIe-6351 card for controlling a test stand. Utilizing the AO for motor speed control. The analog output is a 0-10V going

Analog Output NI DAQ 6366 voltage levels - Discussion Forums
Hi, Im new in using this DAQ with Labview. Im trying to use one of the Analog Output channels to control a device which requires 5 volts. I set it up

How to get properties of local virtual channels in a task - Discussion Forums
Hello community, I'm a bit confused, that I'm apparently not be able to get informations (properties) of local virtual channels of a DAQmx task. My

Most efficient way to start and stop logging data using events to avoid polling a record button - Discussion Forums
Good morning ladies and gents, I'm hoping that somebody can show me the most effective/efficient way to log data without having to poll a 'record'

Saving and appending without bogging pc down - Discussion Forums
I am trying to save/append data from a pressure transducer connected to a daq every 5 sec or any arbitrary time. right now i can read the transducer

Usage reports - change resolution - Discussion Forums
I am using Volume License Manager 3.1, and occasionally need to review client activity. Currently, I can generate reports with monthly (too broad) or

Solved: Changing Base of Log Scale - Possible? - Discussion Forums
Solved: If we select Log for an axis - it is Base 10 - is there a way yet in DIAdem to change the base of the Log function to Log base 2 for example?

The flexibility to model energy network in SCL - Discussion Forums
Several years ago, IEC 61850, as the core standard for Smart Grid was renamed from “Communication networks and systems in Substations” to

Adding SPICE model for TLV3501 Issues - Discussion Forums
Hi Guys, I'm really trying to get the TLV3501 comparator modelled correctly in Multisim. So far, I've downloaded the TINA-TI spice model from here:

Solved: Speeding Up Keithley 2400 Plotting - Discussion Forums
Solved: Greetings, I am using the Keithley 2400 SourceMeter to perform IV curve tracing in real time in LabVIEW 2011. Currently the VI I made creates

NI-Tclk Error 250043 - Discussion Forums
Hi all, I have two chassis the first chassis has 5 VSA(s) NI PXIe-5663E and second chassis has 5 VSG(s) NI PXIe-5673E. today the system doesn't work

Solved: Convert lv_tortoisegit from LV2014 to LV2012 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Could someone convert Labview TortoiseGit Integration from LV2014 to LV2012? It's a package for JKI VIPM.

Convert LV 5.1 toLV 2010 - Discussion Forums
United States   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Software Boards : Version Conversion : Convert LV 5.1 toLV 2010 Version Conversion Register for ...

Solved: Please convert from 14.0 to 12.0.1 - Discussion Forums
United States   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Software Boards : Version Conversion : Please convert from 14.0 to 12.0.1 Version Conversion Register ...

Solved: Please convert to LV 8.5.1 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I have a library file that I am not sure which version it is in right now. I want to convert it to LV 8.5.1. Could anybody help? Thanks,

Cannot activate or evaluate LabVIEW 2017 - Discussion Forums
Hello, I've trouble activating or evaluating LV 2017 on MS surface with windows 10. At first the PC had working LV 2016 . 2017 was installed in

Reading voltage on a thermocuple channel - Discussion Forums
Hi to everyone I have a thermofluxmeter sensor that is a thermopile. To use it i have to read the voltage it provides and convert it to my measure.

LabView vulnerability allows hackers to hack your computer - Discussion Forums
Anyone else come across this? They talk in the post about Labview 2016 but I

Wiring String Potentiometers with different power supplies to NI9207 - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have an issue with wiring a number of sensors which require independent power supplies to a single 9207 card (I have 2 cards in total) and

Solved: Connectivity: thread-safe functions - Discussion Forums
Solved: I am reading LabVIEW Connectivity course, where it states the differences between thread-safe and thread-unsafe functions. As I know, it is

Ni-6259 is in yellow colour symbol ( NI -max ) - Discussion Forums
Hello all, I have found that under an NI max --> devices and interface --> NI 6259 is showing in yellow colour ( simulation mode ) symbol

Capturing STOUT/STDERR from C DLLs - Discussion Forums
I realize this question has been asked several times in that past. The last thread I could file was 6 years old and thought it would be a better idea

Solved: Enum to array of Booleans - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi everyone! I am looking for a "better" way of doing the following: I have an enum with "ALL" as 0th value, and a number

Solved: Question regarding digital signals - Discussion Forums
Solved: if I wanna send TFTF or TT to my daq should I create this digital wave and then feed it to my daq? Is there a way to control how many true or

Continuous digital bit-stream output with pxie6368 - Discussion Forums
I would like to continuously output a predefined stream of 1's and 0's. For example if my stream is 10010011, I would like the digital output to be:

Solved: Always place functions with names visible - Discussion Forums
Solved: Is there some way to always have function names turned on when they are placed on the Block Diagram? I think the fact that functions are

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