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hello i am new at labview and i am doing one project. i want to acuired a signal from oscilloscope using gpib-usb-hs cable. so what to do first.

Solved: problem in IviSpecAn - Acquire Y example - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi I opened IviSpecAn - Acquire Y example from C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\examples\instr. Then I opened

Use VISA when connected directly via RS232? - Discussion Forums
I'm not using a DAQ to connect to a pressure transducer I'm trying to read from. Do I need to use VISA to connect the gage to LabVIEW?

Luigs and Neumann SM1 Micromanupulator - Discussion Forums
Hi all, Has anyone ever seen a driver or command set for a Luigs and Neumann SM 1 Micromanipulator? We do have portions of a legacy driver/utility.

Difficulties talking to power supply - Discussion Forums
Hey guys, My power supply is a Lambda TDK 300V/5A. I have used the Basic Serial Write and The power supply requires i enter the address first

Using DLL with EXE app, best method? - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have an application that uses an IVI driver. This driver requires that I install a "I/O" layer and then install the LabVIEW driver.

pyvisa, keithley 2701 multichannel read - Discussion Forums
Hello: I have a Keithley 2701 with TC's attached to channels 102 and 103. I have been successful in logging data from one or the other channel but

Solved: Problem with PCI-GPIB interface card to control Agilent 8648D signal generator - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi I downloaded Plug and Play (project-style) driver for Agilent 8648A signal generator. I use LabVIEW 2011. I open project file and choose

Accessing GPIB-ENET from multiple computers issues. - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Hardware Boards : Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI) : Accessing GPIB-ENET ...

Prologix USB/GPIB Talk and Listen - Discussion Forums
Hi I have a prologix USB/GPIB controller that I aim to use to control several different instruments. Currently I followed another post that seemed to

Solved: Modbus (RS485) and Automation Direct GS2 Example - Discussion Forums
Solved: I am looking to see if anyone has used the Automation Direct GS2 Drive and LabView and has a workign VI? I have been looking over Modbus over

Modbus control help needed - Discussion Forums
I can not make heads of Modbus I have the .llb from NI. I have tried to fumble my way through the example. Nothing has worked. OPC server is not an

Solved: Really simple (hopefully) question about GPIB-USB-HS - Discussion Forums
Solved: I've been trying to reconnect a GPIB-USB-HS to a network analyzer through an off-the-shelf HP PC. Before removing the GPIB-USB-HS from the

instrument driver slows down when communicating with two lock ins - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using an instrument driver for a lock in amplifier (SR72XXLV8). As long as I use it with only one lock in (model 7225 from signal

Solved: NI USB-5132 NI-VISA version - Discussion Forums
Solved: All, I'm trying to use NI USB-5132 Digitizer. Looking through the material on downloads, it seems I need to have NI-SCOPE to use this

How to control laser by computer - Discussion Forums
Hello, I'm a student and for first time I'm having an approach with this kind of problem. I have to control a diode laser by computer, so now my

I'm writing a Labview to talk with an Agilent 81250 ParBert via GPIB to call up a Setting in the ParBert device, run it & stop. If you have a Labview sample, please help me & share. Thanks. - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Hardware Boards : Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI) : I'm writing a Labview ...

En el Hypertrend del lookout aparece una linea continua y no permite ver dichos valores ya que se queda guradado en un solo valor - Discussion Forums
como corregir dicho problema en el hypertrend ya que en todos esta con una linea continua y en un valor fijado

OHaus - Discussion Forums
I have got Ohaus balace model no PA413C, thta i would like to connect to labview via serial over ethernet. I was just wondering exactly which drive

Error connecting to GPIB driver or device - Discussion Forums
I am working with a GPIB card of Adlink (3488A) to communicate with an Oscilloscope. First I used windows XP-32 bit with LabVIEW 8.5. There was no

Solved: How to control a serial push button box - Discussion Forums
Solved: Dear Sir or Madame, I am relatively new in LabView and National Instruments, but am trying to capture the reaction time of a human

Adaptateur USB-RS232 non reconnu sur CompactRio 9081 - Discussion Forums
Bonjour, J'ai un CRio 9081 avec seulement l'OS Labview Real Time. Dans le cadre de mon développement, je dois interface un équipement communiquant en

Parse one String (containing numbers) into two Arrays and display results in meter (eg thermometer) - Discussion Forums
Hi experts, I am reading from a barometer though the serial port. The data I receive are just numbers, eg. 256 for temperature and 29876 for

Solved: MAX does not detect my USB-GPIB-HS 488.2 instrument, but the Windows XP Device Manager does - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I have a problem when using the USB-GPIB-HS 488.2, I can see the device in the Device Manager from Windows XP, but it is not visible in

Rhode&Schwarz FS300 driver, "0xBFFC09F9 Data not available" - Discussion Forums
Hello, i'm developing an application that remotly controls Rhode&Schwarz FS300 spectrum analyzer. I'm using LabVIEW 2011 Student Version and official

Visa Read returns the framing error (0xBFFF006B). - Discussion Forums
Hi I am a newbie and I am working on to communcate to a MDB. The Communication Format is as follow: Baud Rate: 9600 NRZ Serial Bit Format: 1 Start

NI USB-GPIB working interactively using commands for HP8753C but not in my new test Program with VB2010. - Discussion Forums
HI, Migrating to WIN7 from XP. Production Test Program in VB6 works fine in XP Platform with GPIB Connected from NI PCI card to 8753C. New WIN 7 Hp

Visa Read Error -1073807252 - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have been reading the forums trying to resolve an problem that crops up every five min or so in my VI when I try running it for that long. Thus

Can AT-GPIB card work with Labview 6.0? - Discussion Forums
Can AT-GPIB card work with Labview 6.0? What do I need to make them work together? And where can I get the software driver for AT-GPIB? Thank You

How to initialize IEEE 488 for Hp4145B with labview 8.5 - Discussion Forums
Hi,everybody! I need some help for mw work. Now i'm working with Hp4145B, semiconductor Parameter Analyzer which use GPIB-IEEE488 as the connector

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