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Loading cursors asynchronously in a Scattergraph - Discussion Forums
Hi to all, I'm trying to load 10,000 xycursors in a scattergraph. I would like to do this asynchronously so that it looks like the graph is filling

CLD Examination - Discussion Forums
Hello, I took up the CLD examination. I could not find the VI analyzer tool in the tools option. I did not run the VI analyzer which has cost me 1.75

Drivers for LabVIEW 16 or 15 - Discussion Forums
Hello. My name is Egor and Im from Belarus (so excuse me for my English, I write with a translator). I work in this environment for the first time,

.NET framwork 2.0 DLL in TestStand 2016 / 2017 - Discussion Forums
Hi, One of m customers has some useful tools packaged into a .NET DLL (built in VB .NET) relying on .NET framework 2.0. He's succesfully using it in

Simultaneous Data Streams Through VISA - Discussion Forums
Hello. I've had zero experience with LabVIEW before trying to create this block diagram so apologies if what I'm asking is relatively simple. It

Serial communication with visa, need help - Discussion Forums
I'm attempting to connect to a digital level that has a serial port connection. The digital level transmits at 9600 buad, one stop bit, no parity.

Multilanguage user interface - Discussion Forums
Hi I am working a little bit on a Multilanguage user interface and found some information here like:

LabVIEW - XY-Graph in SubVI - Discussion Forums
Hello, I wrote a VI to read data from a temperature controller, including to plot the data in a X-Y-Graph. I can see the data immediately in the

Variant type in teststand? - Discussion Forums
Hi, Case 1: I have two steps in a sequence (both written in LabVIEW), one has a variant output the other has a variant input. Variant outputs show up

Using Network Streams in cRio-9035. - Discussion Forums
I am trying to stream data from my RT target to UI host Machine. But unable to establish a connection. First i run my RT and it is waiting

goto cleanup of the calling sequence - Discussion Forums
Hey, I try to jump to the "Cleanup" group of the calling sequence if a simple boolean value is "false", but I can't find the

Modbus RTU over USB-RS 485 converter to control Parker AC10 - Discussion Forums
Hi All, I am trying to Start/Stop & frequency control Parker AC10 drive over RS485. I am using USB - RS485 converter . From what I have done so far,

Debug window data/display issues - Discussion Forums
I am using CVI2015. I am running a few .bat files that display some data in the debug window. My first issue is the debug window is stuck in the

Solved: clear the history of xy graph - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, I am having difficulty to delete/reset the history of xy graph. My VI and the needed subVI are attached..Any ideas would be appreciated I

Robotics + LabVIEW - Discussion Forums
Hi there, I am doing a final year project and would need some help and resources. The project title is : Development of Navigation Algorithm for

The picture output is not recorded properly - Discussion Forums
Hello, I attached a vi where I tried to record a picture with the webcam, save it , then apply some analysis to detect the particles and their

Detection of multiple plateaus of different lengths - Discussion Forums
Hi, can anyone help me detect the plateaus in this signal (beginning and end locations)?

Software Developer (LabVIEW) - Cooper Technology - Derbyshire, UK - Discussion Forums
We are currently looking to recruit an experienced LabVIEW developer to join our product development team in a permanent role, delivering materials

Solved: How to search and match two set of X,Y coordinates - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello everyone! I am trying to match two set of pixels coordinates (in string format) for e.g set A= {(120, 300) , (100, 200) , (400, 500)}

Basic square wave generator with PCI-6509 - Discussion Forums
G'day all, I've spent the last day and a bit setting up my new (to me) PCI-6509. I have MAX setup and running, and have successfully tested digital

Solved: gear vibration signal TSA - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello I have project to time sychronous average of gearbox signal, the signal from accelerometer is segmented every certain shaft rotation,

Solved: Notifying the end of an Asynchronous call - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello everyone, I am using in my main VI an asynchronous call to a subVI. The main VI works as a state machine. I would like to be able to

Add acclaim badge to NI-Forum profile - Discussion Forums
Hello, I recently earned the Measurements System Design badge on Acclaim and would like to add the icon as an avatar, for my profile in the

USRP 2901 has two local oscillators - Discussion Forums
HI! I'm working with usrp 2901. In the specification and block diagram I found this: "The USRP-2901 has two local oscillators, one for the

GPIB is not deducting in NI MAX - Discussion Forums
Hi, i am facing issue with Ni max. PCI-GPIB is deducting in device manager, but it is not deducting in Ni MAX. i tried all the below possibility with

Pxie 6683 - Discussion Forums
Hi all, I am using a pxie 6683 module for trigger synchronization and i am synchronizing the remaining modules by using PFI lines.I am using PFI0 as

Error writing project file "C:\xx\xxx.prj" (Badly formed pathname) - Discussion Forums
Hello I have recently installed Labwindows CVI 2015, and created new project file, started adding the source files (driver files), when ever i save

Unexpected offset in first analog input channel's read samples - Discussion Forums
Hello friends, I am writing an application that interfaces with a NI USB-6229 device. I have wired my hardware such that ao0 is connected to ai0 and

PyVisa debug and my own instrument simulator, hangs on *esr? - Discussion Forums
Hello, I had to simulate a large number of instruments on a single PC to try to support a customer's software. They used PyVisa, so I remapped their

PCI-6225 Windows driver - Discussion Forums
We recently purchased a VIA EPIA-M910 motherboard and are testing its suitability for embedding in an instrument. We have been unable to successfully