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548XX - NI Discussion Forums
Solved: I have an Agilent 54846B scope that has been orphaned at my company by the IT deparments banning anything but Windows 7 computers on o...

Analog output with analog start trigger: invalid trigger source - NI Discussion Forums
Hi, I got Error -200265 (invaide trigger source) when trying to use start analog output with analog start trigger. The returned error information s...

Run selected single pass in C# - NI Discussion Forums
Hello, I'm trying to create a function in C# similar to "Run Selelcted using Single Pass" in TestStand. I've managed to run Single Pass...

Event structure or state machine? Replacing a constant DAQ asst with a reactive structure. - NI Discussion Forums
I've attached my SubVI and a screencap of where it falls in a loop. There's a handful of boolean conditions that use different combinations c...

selection of interface for labview and ECU - NI Discussion Forums
hi, I am working in LabVIEW , a starter. I am working on a project in which i want to obtain inputs from 3 automotive camera. After doing some c...

Remove Unused Plots from Graph - NI Discussion Forums
I have a graph containing about 30 Plots (selectable by user). Now I want to remove some of them, so the user cannot select them from the legend. ...

Add preconfigured expression node to function palette? - NI Discussion Forums
Solved: Is there a way to add a custom preconfigured expression node to the funtion palette? Labview offers a couple of these (such as radian...

Daqmx Create Timing Souce vi with Timed loop - NI Discussion Forums
Hello all, I'am tryng to control the ticking of a timed loop based on an external trigger signal that appears on the PFI line of a PXI 6280 c...

how to acquire an audio signal and obtaining the FFT of that audio signal - NI Discussion Forums
United States | Contact Us MyNI | Notifications Cart Products Industries & Applications Support & Services Community Academic Events & Training NI Home > Community > NI Discussion Forums Select Community ...

Datasocket does not read 10th channel from CFP DI 301 - NI Discussion Forums
We are using InstallEventHandler to read the value from cfp DI 301. Its working for channels 0 to 9. But it does not read values from channels ...

Inconsistent result using build array in loop - NI Discussion Forums
Solved: I have build these snippet which is part of a larger vi to highlight the problem. Basically using Labview 2012, I am trying to measur...

Intensity graph smoothing - NI Discussion Forums
hi, am new to labview. i have a doubt regarding the smoothing of the graph. i fed the values of x and y axis in the intensity graph and made it to ...

how to interface NI ELVIS and labview - NI Discussion Forums
I am totally new to labview and NI ELVIS station and am trying to create a battery charger using both of them. I have found tutorials for each sep...

ミス - NI Discussion Forums
United States | Contact Us MyNI | Notifications Cart Products Industries & Applications Support & Services Community Academic Events & Training NI Home > Community > NI Discussion Forums Select Community ...

Which file format to choose for writting numerical data into file? Either "Text" or "xlsx" - NI Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, I have an application where I want to acquire analog input data with NI USB 6352 DAQ; at sampling rate of 50 ksamples/second, using 8

Best way to structure code to control multiple instruments - NI Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, I'm a somewhat novice but not inexperienced labview programmer. I'm in the process of writing a labview code to control an optical

digital output to BNC-2110 - NI Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using example LabVIEW 8.5 code to try to send a digital pulse (0-1-0) to my BNC-2110 connector block. The system is a PXI chasis with an

Exact subVI of error when there are multiple instances of the same subVIs - NI Discussion Forums
Hi all, I am getting a warning "Warning 200010 occurred at DAQmx Stop". I am using error clusters. However there are

how to search date format in array - NI Discussion Forums
hi, have string array with date fomat.i want know about index of the date. for example this date index position is varing every 1hour. how can i know

Error from Create Master Instance blocking front panel - NI Discussion Forums
Hello everyone! I created a VI to open and close the TCP connection using ModBus Library with master Instance - Create Master instance. The problem

How can I focus the screen on a particular element of a large 2D array? - NI Discussion Forums
I am making a LabView game based on a 2D array of boolean LED's. The player is able to scroll around this array to select any LED from an almost

This circuit has no power sources: unable to determine the simulation timestep automatically. - NI Discussion Forums
Whenever I try to run any circuit, it tells me that there is no power source? Anyone have any idea what that's about? "This circuit has no power

How to pass array of string data to LabVIEW from dll - NI Discussion Forums
Hi sir I want to pass array of two dimensional f string data to LabVIEW from CVI build dll.I have example code VI and DLL for passing one dimensional

arx modelling: where to start - NI Discussion Forums
Hi everybody, I'm a beginner in modelling with Labview (before I had done it in Matlab under syst ident tool box). Where should I start in Labview? I

"Unexpected error occurred" exception when adding a new channel to a channel group from a backgroundworker thread - NI Discussion Forums
I am developing an application in C# using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7 with the Measuement Studio .Net classes. I have started to optimize my

3d Surface from randomly distributed points - - Discussion Forums
Dear Labview community, I face a problem wich I could not resolve after hours of internet research and try & error. So I hope you can help me a bit

2-axial accelerometer calibration-verify - - Discussion Forums
Hi there, i'm an italian engineering student who try to learn LabView and i have one issue with an homework-software. The target is to calibrate a

subVIs will not run when called by subpanel in main vi - - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello all, I have a which loads the front panel into a subpanel of four subVIs when selected. Like most applications, everything

NI OPC server with LOGO 8 - - Discussion Forums
Hello everyone I want to connect LOGO 8 with OPC server to use variables in labview but what configuration should i choose when making new channel in

How do I put upper limit and lower limit on graph inside a while loop? - - Discussion Forums
Need help here. I am working on a project, I have collected data thru NI myDAQ,plotted a waveform chart, is it possible to add a upper and lower

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