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Initialising Motion Cotrollers - Discussion Forums
I try to initialisse my Programm with this VI but i receive this error. I need your Help!!! Thanks Document -->Initializing Motion Controllers:

Monthly Bug Thread Feb 2007 - Discussion Forums
This is the continuation of the January 2007 Bugs Thread . Each post here should only contain a brief description of a bug, together with a link to

NI 9505, programmatically determine if motor is connected. - Discussion Forums
I am working on an application where anywhere from 1-4 motors may be connected based on how the user wants to use the system. As part of the

When to use DMA FIFO - Discussion Forums
Hi all,   I think this is a simple question but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.   I have a control and data aquisition application running

optical limit switch - Discussion Forums
Has anybody successfully integrated an optical switch as a home limit and been able to use the Find Reference vi to Find Home 100% of the time?   We

Vibration Frequency - Discussion Forums
Hi,   I am currently working on a robotic project which involves a locomotive autonomous robot.   I have a few DC motors attached to the robot. One

amplifying the current of ni9264 for controlling a DC motor in both directions: - Discussion Forums
I want to control a DC motor in both directions by NI9264. The problem is the module can not provide enough current. It is easy to amplify the

On the NI-7344, When using the Break Point Outputs as general i/o, how do you set the polarity - Discussion Forums
Hello When using the NI-7344 and CVI. I want to use the Trigger Inputs and Breakpoint Outputs as general I/O. So I used the command

Maxon Epos 2 No led - Burned out? - Discussion Forums
Hi, I've having trouble with my Maxon Epos 2 24/5. A few days ago I was running motion control perfectly fine. All of my connections were laid out on

2 motor control via joystick in an underwater ROV - Discussion Forums
I have a term project.I am doing an underwater ROV with labjack U3 using Labview.I do not know how to control 2 motors with one joystick.It is too

On board program does not run the motor to new positions yet commands to state of digital I/O in the same program line. - Discussion Forums
I am controlling a stepper motor position via a PIC-7342 board. This part of the program has worked in the past. I have another program that does

PID - USB 6008 - Discussion Forums
Hi, everyone! I'm Student. I found some example about PID. Reset Counter and make a PWM on Internet, I don't remember those Links. Now I Use them to

PCI-7332 Runs Away - Discussion Forums
We have several systems that use the 7332 for 2-axis steppers.  I noticed early on that I needed to kill power to the drives before I shut down the

NI Roach Clip - Discussion Forums
Has anyone else received the latest NI gift? If I remember correctly from college, it was refered to as a roach clip - an aligator clip on a handle.

dc motor control with H-Bridge..DAQ - Discussion Forums
So I have a USB DAQ 6008, DC motor, Hbridge and 2 Limit switches... What I need to have done is to control a DC motor so that it turns on for a 1

That's just great! - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Special Interest Boards : BreakPoint : That's just great! BreakPoint Register for the community · ...

-77043 Error code when trying to enable contouring. - Discussion Forums
Hello,   I am currently trying to control a servo motor using a cRIO-9004 RT Controller and cRIO-9104 Chassis with an NI 9505 I/O Module. However, in

Motor Movement - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Most Active Hardware Boards : Motion Control and Motor Drives : Motor Movement Motion Control and ...

simple straight line motion control with brushless motor and encoder/microswitch - Discussion Forums
I want to go build a motion control system/program using labview. I have a brushless motor and a controller and a National instrument DAC (NI

Stepper Circular Motion Problem (Watchdog Timeout?) - Discussion Forums
Hi,   I am trying to control 2 stepper motors using PCI7332 and let them make a series of linear and circular motions.   I implement the program with

Get Position from 9512 Encoder in FPGA - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using the following Software/Hardware: LV2010 with SoftMotion, Realtime, and FPGA modules cRIO-9073 with NI 9512 Stepper Card and

Joystick variable input button/dial on the base - Discussion Forums
On one of our previous robots we would use a button/dial on the base of a joystick to "trim" the signal going to a PWM attached to a motor.

How to "copyright" your code? - Discussion Forums
This may come off silly, but I've been curious about the answer to the following question: Since any electronic work is so easy to copy, I've been

LabVIEW Champions - Discussion Forums
Does anyone (National Instruments) know when the latest batch of "LabVIEW Champion" directory web pages will go live. JR basically said

Softmotion module failed to transition to active mode with error -77006 - Discussion Forums
Hi I am trying to configure a motion axis using Softmotion and a PXI 7842R. In order to create the axis I have used an example project from the

problem pi cascade with pci 7354 - Discussion Forums
i used PCI 7354 with UMI-7774, My project is control DC servo motor (Coordinates: 180 v 16 A 3kw 2400 rpm) 4-Quardrant PI-Cascade control type, It

how to import text and picture from ini file - Discussion Forums
Hi all, i am reading one ini file which contents only texts and i am able to read it properly. Now i want to insert some pictires like circuit

Connecting Hall Effect Sensor as an encoder(feedback) for PCI 7356 Motion Controller - Discussion Forums
Hi, We have Labview 2010 and the following hardwares for testing a specific motor (a brushless DC motor): NI PCI 7356 Motion Controller NI UMI 7774

Theme songs for LabVIEW - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Special Interest Boards : BreakPoint : Theme songs for LabVIEW BreakPoint Register for the community ...

Weird Linker Errors c/c++ - Discussion Forums
Hi there. I'm trying to run the C code shown in Ni-Motion help. More exactly, in the straight line move chapter -> position based straight-line

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