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daqmx through rs232 - Discussion Forums
Hi! I'm pretty new in labviewscene and I would like to build a VI which allows me to send a continuous voltage signal acquired with a daqmx device

where do I get BorlandC_gpib for ni4882.h? - Discussion Forums
Hi again! I'm currently still trying to use ib-functions within a C++ program to control/read an electrometer. I'm using C++ and everything is

use ib-style or il-style in visual basic application - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am in the process of developing GUI based application (developed in VB6) to remotely control an HP8753d network analyser. The visual Basic

Controling a power supply (Agilent E3649A ) via LabVIEW through GPIB-USB - Discussion Forums
IHey everyone, I am trying to control a power supply( Agilent E3649A ) via LabVIEW via GPIB-USB. I have been able to download the drivers and control

Anything I can do about your downloadable drivers that don't load on 6I? I got an error downloading the HP11713A attenuator driver (it is a version 3.1 driver I and can't load into 6I.) - Discussion Forums
Anything I can do about your downloadable drivers that don't load on 6I? I got an error downloading the HP11713A attenuator driver (it is a version

Is it possible to control Network Analyzer via Ethernet? - Discussion Forums
Hi, I need to control my network analyzer. I did it by using GPIB and by connecting directly the network to my PC. Now, instead, I have NOT GPIB, but

why VISA Property Interface Information.Interface Description is different if the current user belong to different user group? - Discussion Forums
Hi, NI Engineers, I have trouble to enumerate specific serial ports on my computer using Interface Description. for example, there is a serial port failed to initialize - Discussion Forums failed to initialize i am running trying to USE NI VISA with Python using pyVISA but seems like there are issues. This is what i get

LabVIEW IO Control: Can I break them down to DeviceName, and SessionNumber ? - Discussion Forums
I use the LabVIEW IO Control to initialize a device and I pass the inputs from Test Stand. Test Stand breaks them into: DeviceName and SessionNumber.

error -1073807298 with serial read operations. - Discussion Forums
Hi Folks, I'm having trouble getting serial read to work on Labview.When i use the 'property bytes at port' it always seems to return one more byte

Using a property node of a menu ring to generate a secondary address does not work in a subvi unless the subvi has been or is opened. Why? - Discussion Forums
I am writing drivers for third party equipment using LabView 6.1. I am using the property node, digdisp.text, to get the item number of menu ring.

How to install VISA after Labview and NI-DAQ are already installed - Discussion Forums
I have Labview 5.1.1 and NI-DAQ 6.6 installed and running properly. I now find that I need to install VISA. Must I uninstall everything (hardware,

Running two Circulating Water baths at the same time - Discussion Forums
Hello, Here is what I want to do… I have two Circulating Baths (can go hot and cold). One bath I want to run from a temperature of 30 C to 50 C hold,

Solved: Small USB-GPIB device driver size for distro?? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi all. I've had a search and can't find a similar question so hopefully I'm not duplicating something... I have created a little app to

My DSA Scanivalve VI says it collected the data and saved,but the saved file doesnot show anything except zeroes. - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have a DSA Scanivalve 3217(16 port/channel pressure transducer).It communicates to the PC through a TCP/IP connection.I got this VI set from

Solved: Connecting agilent E3631A DC power supply to the computer through a RS 232 for labview - Discussion Forums
Solved: Im trying to connect agilent E3631A DC power sully to the computer through a RS 232 cable to use labview to operate the instrument. But the

How can i get data from norma D6000 with GPIB - Discussion Forums
Hi everybody! I only need to comunicate with Norma D6000 to get data for all variables and visualize in labview 7. goodbye

OS X 10.8 and LabVIEW, Specifically NI-488.2 GPIB Explorer - Discussion Forums
I called your support staff and they told me that OS X 10.8 doesn't even support LabVIEW. I am running it on several machines. The one problem I am

power supply RFPP RF20 - Discussion Forums
Hello I have a problem with a RS232 interface connection. I want to control a power supply from the company RFPP and the typ is RF 20 (see the manual

driver of Polytec OFV 3001 (LabVIEW 2011) - Discussion Forums
Hello, guy, I am working on a measurement system based on the vibrometer(OFV 3001) of Polytech to measure the piezoelectric effect. The time is very

Error when installing NI-Products - Discussion Forums
When I try to install any NI Product on Windows 7 (x64, Enterprise) the installation completes but the setup.exe crashes at the end of the setup. I

Basic tutorial of sending Ascii commands via RS-232 - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am a beginning LabView user and have only made vi's using different existing drivers found onine. Now I have a R25DPDTCNRS RS-232 relay and

TCPIPSession has no ControlRen method, need to put instrument in local mode (remotely) - Discussion Forums
I noticed there is no ControlRen method in the TcpIpSession class as there is in both the GpibSession and UsbSession classes. In my application I

Does anyone know of an issue with NI VISA 3.6 and long command strings? - Discussion Forums
I have a LabWindowsCVI application which was created on a Windows 2000 system and has CVI 7.1, CVI-Runtime, and NI VISA 3.3.1. This

Parallel Port control : VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF00A5) The interface type is valid, but the specified interface number is not configured. - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am trying to control the parallel port using labview. I get the following error when I try to Open Visa test panel in MAX VISA: (Hex

Keithley 192 data acquisition, NDCV ?? - Discussion Forums
Hi to everyone, I use to get data from a keithley 2000 with a LabView VI. A have change this keythley for a keythley 192 DMM. It seems that it woks

Porting a Windows Device Driver to the NI Real-Time Platform - Discussion Forums
Hello, I've got some questions about how to port a Win32 DLL to our NI Real-Time System (NI PXIe-8102). The background: I want to use the Chroma PXI

VISA IO front panel control generates exe error - Discussion Forums
When I add a VISA resource name front panel control and build my application with LV 6.0 builder in Win2000, the executable will not run. An access

Sampling rate and transmitting rate with eZ430-RF2500 - Discussion Forums
Hello, I need to get 1000 samples per second from one voltage supply and transmit these samples to a PC. I'm using the module eZ430-RF2500 to do

Can anyone explain what is the different between those VI (VISA peek, VISA In & VISA read) - Discussion Forums
1) Pls explain the different as I know all are read? 2) If I want to read 4 different address at one time which is the recommended VI use? Read from

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