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Send commands to Hyperterminal - Discussion Forums
Hello, is it possible to send commands from LabView to Hyperterminal to control a device? At the moment I'm trying to write a .vi to make a long term

Solved: Can a LabVIEW dll be run by other SW tools? - Discussion Forums
Solved: I wonder what the purpose is of to create a LabVIEW dll? I have tried this feature and it works fine as long as you call the dll in LabVIEW.

cRIO 9038 / cRIO 9039 fails to boot into NI Linux Real-Time - Discussion Forums
HI, We are facing intermittent issue with cRIO 9038 / cRIO 3039 that it fails to boot in NI Linux Real-Time OS. We observe this behavior when there

PSK Rx. receiving bits are in error - Discussion Forums
Hello.I am using PSK and PSK for BPSK signal bits transmission and receiving. The problem is that I am not getting correct bits at the

can not view constant while debugging since CVI 2015 - Discussion Forums
I recognized it's not possible any more to view a constant while debugging since CVI 2015. Example: #define CONSTANT1 1 For example if I have a

Solved: Receive UDP packets and display on waveform chart has problem - Discussion Forums
Solved: My vi ( receive data form MFC , and decompose the datas. After I added the code to quit the program( exit button ), the displayed

ethercat master adapter does not exist on target controller - Discussion Forums
I'm working on getting an existing program to work on a new computer with LabVIEW 2016, and when I try to run the program, I have the following

Labview freezing during Actor loading - Discussion Forums
Our application launches many Actors based on the request of the user. Each time the user requests a new Actor, whose class is not in memory yet, all

Problem with VISA Write and Arduino: Error 1073807339, Timeout expired before operation completed - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am getting an error message (see title) during operation of my LabVIEW program. I am controlling a stepper motor that is connected to an

Solved: modbus RTU vis RS485 timeout error 6101. - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello All, I have a code which basically communicates with around 20 devices using an RS-485 network. The devices include: 1.

Easiest way to replicate these common Excel graphs - Discussion Forums
So my most common used graph in Excel is the 2d chart with table. I am trying to set up a report that will display a number of these. Depending on

USRP property - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am working on generating bpsk/qpsk scan signal ranging from 174 Mhz to 180 MHz carrier frequency. I generated an array of frequencies and

Solved: Writing Float Data from Serial Device - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello LabVIEW community, I tried getting help earlier on my problem but wasn't able to come to the conclusion that I needed. Here is the

USB-5681 firmware update - Discussion Forums
The 2 ways I've found to update the firmware on the USB-5681 both do not work. In the SFP the option is greyed out. I launched the updater directly

USB-5681 firmware update - Discussion Forums
The 2 ways I've found to update the firmware on the USB-5681 both do not work. In the SFP the option is greyed out. I launched the updater directly

Solved: PXI-2584 - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi, Regarding the PXI-2584 specs. The sheet says the max channel-ground voltage is 600V ACpk. Would I be able to run 480 Vrms through the

4x4 MIMO USRP 2920 - Discussion Forums
Some that help me with the parameters to work 4x4 MIMO in the adjunct program Steps to open program: -MIMO OFDM with USRPs - Next, open to projects

Solved: Array manipulation - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi! A brief intro to my problem first: A portion of the project I'm working on creates an XY graph to show the sound wave that is being

MyRio samping-rate, ADC, loop time - Discussion Forums
I am stuck with a few concepts all intermingled in a mess, which usually means I have the wrong idea about one or all of those concepts. Posting here

MPU-9250 Raspberry Pi - Discussion Forums
Hi Guys, I have adapted the IllinoisControl s code that interfaces the MPU-9250 9-axis IMU with the myRIO 1900, so that it can run on a raspberry pi

Generate sinusoidal waveform using feedback loop control based on NI FlexRIO (NI 7972 FPGA target, NI 5783 adapter) - Discussion Forums
Please Open the NI example of "Getting started with NI 5783" first. In this example host VI, look at the analog output loop, you will see

How to Send PWM signals to a Motor Controller through DAQ? - Discussion Forums
So i recently started with labview... and part of my first project on it requires that i use a motor controller to control a fuel pump. During my

Using NI PXI 4462 for analog current monitoring - Discussion Forums
Hi, my name is Gabriel. My question is: am I able to use Ni PXI 4462 to monitoring an analog current input from 4 to 20 mA? Thank you.

Renaming a test report programatically in 2013 - Discussion Forums
I am trying to rename a test report programmatically in TestStand 2013. I have tried using the ReportOptions callback, but it occurs too early in the

XOD - visual language for Arduino. It's free, open-source and we opened it today - Discussion Forums
Hi everyone, Our small team launched today the new visual programming language for Arduino - XOD I decided that LabView users (that uses it with

LOOPBACK TEST for RS232 - Discussion Forums
Hi everyone I try to connect a hardware by using the Rs232 port on CompactRIO 9025. But I want to be sure that the communication is working

Error -2147467259 w/ DB Tools Open Connect while using .exe - Discussion Forums
I am using LabVIEW 2015 (32-bit) and I am having an issue connecting to a SQL database while running the executable. The program works fine while in

Is this supported? - Discussion Forums
Hello, We've built an application using Measurement Studio, NI DAQ USB-6281 and, c# with Visual Studio 2010 under Windows 7 Pro. Our target box is

Labview will not install on W10 1703 - Discussion Forums
There seems to be a problem with Labview - either version 2016 or 2017 installing on W10 1703. I am using a clean install of W10 1703, and my Labview

Running VIs Simultaneously - Discussion Forums
I have system set up with a Data Translation DT9804 DAQ card (utilizing the LV-Link 3 VI library). Currently two of the AI channels are being used by

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