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Solved: Velocity from Accelerometer of myRio - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello! I need to take velocity "of a car" from acceleremoter of MyRio. Theoretically, it seems easy. I must integrate the

find latency between analog input and output myRIO - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have connected the analog out pin to analog input pin on myRIO. I have generated the sine wave and collecting it back with the AI pin. But i

Solved: myrio digital channels always HIGH - Discussion Forums
Solved: When my myRIO is powered on, all of the DIO channels on both the A and B connectors are in a HIGH state, regardless of whether I have a VI

time difference between analog input and output myRIO - Discussion Forums
Hi, I want to find the time difference between the time the sine is generated from analog output and the time it reaches the analog output. Ideally,

Could not login to NI myRIO - Discussion Forums
Hello Everyone,    Greetings !   I am getting error as 'Could not login to NI myRIO-1900'. Attached the screenshot of the same. Could you please

myRIO digital trigger - Discussion Forums
Hello,   Is it possible to somehow digitally trigger (start) a program on myRIO? I watched the instruction video on digital triggering and it seemed

inverted pendulum - Discussion Forums
Respected sir/ mam,         I am doing a project in inverted pendulum using labview. and am going to use algorithms such as fuzzy logic. Using this

Histograph is not working in my executable, what is the problem? - Discussion Forums
I created an executable using labview's application builder. I have installed the correct labview run time engine, and the executable works, except

USB Mouse on myRIO - Discussion Forums
I'd like to read the raw data from a USB mouse using the myRIO.   The idea is to log the deltaX & deltaY signals to track movement. I've searched and

Continuity Test - Discussion Forums
Hello everyone ,   I'm an engineering student and i'm currently working on my end of studies project which concists of realizing a continuity tester

NI 9974 datasheet - Discussion Forums
Hi. Is there any datasheet for 196740-01 spring module. I tried to search it from NI documents, but not succeed. Need is urgent.   Mika

myrio led - Discussion Forums
Hi  i have problem with myrio led , when i run the program the led doesn't work , idon't know the problem 

How to configure/program the PFI terminal to function as counters on a ELVIS board - Discussion Forums
I currently doing a experiment where I require to use 2 counters to act as input (TTL signal from ultrasonic sensor) and 2 counters to act as output

IMAQ FFT won't won't display on the front panel - Discussion Forums
I'm trying to take a 2D FFT of an image using NI Vision, display the FFT and then do some additional processing of that image. I've input the

error to communicate ni myrio to PC - Discussion Forums
Hi,  as a new user of ni myrio, i am having some problems while trying to communicate this device to my PC:smileysad:. I'm having a problem when

Login Issue with NI myRIO - Discussion Forums
Hi, Im Syazwan   Im having issue to login NI myRIO This dialog box appear when I try to add/remove software of NI myRIO in NI MAX explorer.  May you

Trouble with Webcam in MyRIO - Discussion Forums
I am trying use a Webcam through the MyRIO and when I deploy my VI this is the error I get:    Image2.viNI_Vision_Aquisition_Software.lvlib:IMAQdx

Solved: Error -200485 - Discussion Forums
Solved: I have written a VI to control a 2D stage and trigger a CCD camera. The idea is to scan through a given area with the stage and collect data

Myrio File system not showing up on a new MyRio - Discussion Forums
Unpacked a new MyRio-1900 and having troubles accessing the file system. I went to with a user ID that is password protected and

arduino and myrio - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Additional NI Product Boards : Academic Hardware Products (ELVIS, myDAQ, myRIO) : arduino and myrio ...

Measuring "Peak to Peak value" of an Analog in "Clamped (Offset added) Sine Wave" using myRIO - Discussion Forums
I am trying to synchronize my single phase inverter generated Sine wave with that of grid using myRIO. For that purpose I need to match the RMS of

compatibility issue - Discussion Forums
Hi, Im fadz,  We are using LabVIEW 2013 and LabVIEW 2014 (both with full license), but when we are trying to connect with NI myRIO 2015 (after

VI slowing down then stops, getting wrong displacement data - Discussion Forums
Hello, I'm trying to get displacement from acceleration data using ADXL345 accelerometer. The problem is, I can't get the right data. I've tried

Solved: why two ground types? - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello,    I am a teaching assistant in charge of a couple lab sessions where mechanical engineering students are using MyDAQ modules to learn - Discussion Forums
dear all, I am trying to open the example in "intro to ELVIS" file but somehow it is executable because some of the vis can not be found.

myrio wifi cannot save settings invalid - Discussion Forums
United States MY ACCOUNT   INNOVATIONS SHOP SUPPORT COMMUNITY Home Community Home : Discussion Forums : Additional NI Product Boards : Academic Hardware Products (ELVIS, myDAQ, myRIO) : myrio wifi cannot ...

ni myrio - Discussion Forums
Hello to all. I have my entire software running and tested on my Ni Myrio... using wireless it works very fine.. I can use all funciotions of the

myRio - Discussion Forums
hello to all. I would like to create a VI to control a step motor to run certain numbers of steps... but I am not even close to have that experience

Solved: The Xilinx Zynq-7010 SoC is added to myrio, my question is why? What task is being done by the CPU and what task is beeing done by the FPGA in myrio when running LabVIEW. - Discussion Forums
Solved:   Looking at myRIO Xilinx Zynq-7010 SoC  I am bit inntrested in the workflow for the Soc. How does the myRIO bennifit from using a Soc

myRio - Discussion Forums
Hello,   I am trying to use SMTP to send email (on MyRio) , but it gave me an error of invalid password and username and some time the gmail email

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