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Saving data in USB coming from Queues - Discussion Forums
Hallo Everyone, I am getting data from FPGA to my Real-time system through DMA FIFO. I want to save this data in a USB. In real time system, I am

Managing Project in a multi-developer organization - Discussion Forums
Good day, due to the growing factor of my organization (luckily) we're facing the problem of managing projects with more developer and more branch

error at niUSRP set time.gvi - Discussion Forums
hello, i am new in labview communication and USRP i'm trying to run mimo ofdm 2x2 in 2 usrp 2922 as Tx and usrp rio(2943) as RX but i get error like

Strange behavior - Discussion Forums
The issue is that everything works, but the instrument itself is always a step behind the front panel. I.e., I flip the Hi Res switch and nothing

dt in labview (under usrp), is define by what? - Discussion Forums
Dear friends, Here is my question, I am using usrp rio 2953r. In the photo below, 1. you see the dt = 0.000003. I want to know, is there a way I can

NI myRIO Executable running but behaving unexpectedly - Discussion Forums
Hi, I recently using myRIO-1900 to control a torque device and the device designed to be able to be controlled by serial port. I use the portA's

Resource requested by this task has already been reserved by a different task - Discussion Forums
Hello sir. I am a student of National University of Science and Technology undergraduate program. I am working on RECORDING THE ENERGY TRANSFERS IN A

Automated re-activation of LabVIEW when deploying an image? - Discussion Forums
I support ~180 systems that have the labview software on them which we need to routinely re-image. We are currently having to log in to each system

Testing CRM UI with Ranorex - Discussion Forums
Hi everyone. I am searching a tool to automate UI tests in MS Dynamics CRM. I have read that Ranorex support CRM. Now I'd like to know if someone of

Two stepper motos with one cRIO - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using two stepper motors for my project. I have one stepper motor, Stepper motor drive P70530, Stepper motor C series module NI9512. I am

Using more than one stepper motor with one cRIO - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am using two stepper motors for my project. I have one stepper motor, Stepper motor drive P70530, Stepper motor C series module NI9512. I am

Waveform data - Discussion Forums
Hello guys, the current waveform chart has all sensors approximately 130 to be plotted. Is it possible I can split this into multiple charts, each

A problem about Browse Shared Variables - Discussion Forums
When I browse shared variables, I get nothing as following: This is my opc server setting:

Actor Core Message Handling - Discussion Forums
Perhaps I am missing something, but I thought an actor was a queued message handler? I am debugging a program I wrote using Actor Framework and I

Labview 2011 Mac - SSL support? - Discussion Forums
Hi folks, For the past 4-5 years I've been using TCP OPEN & GETs to acquire weather forecast data from the National Weather Service web site. They've

Reuse library dependency & file management? - Discussion Forums
I've searched high and low, but cannot wrap my head around reuse in LabVIEW. Hopefully someone can provide their insight, or direct me to

i have some errors on the project - Discussion Forums
hey guys i am new with dealing with the program so i hope to find some help when i run the components on the sheet i find 2 errors because of the

Analog trigger just from data? - Discussion Forums
I have data captured from a device and would like to find rising edges but keep drawing a blank... any Ideas?

Solved: How do I create a component from an existing file? - Discussion Forums
Solved: I have a file full of digitals gates (AND, NAND, NOT and OR) that has 4 inputs (interactive digital constants) and 3 outputs (LEDs). How can

Senior LabVIEW Developer position - Primus Power - Bay Area, CA - Discussion Forums Primus Power’s mission is to enable 100% renewable energy worldwide by

Solved: Counter clock from PXI - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hello, I thought it is a simple problem but still I was not able to solve it. I have a very generic counter VI as shown in the snippet. The

Measurement and Automation Explorer - Discussion Forums
I have a PC that won't run MAX. Opening MAX gives me the following error: The CniDMFuiProvider::Initialize plug-in caused an exception in the

Help/Suggestions for Excel Callbacks - Discussion Forums
I would like someone to check out my VI ( and to make sure I have the Callback setup correctly to get the

Reserva dinamica de memoria en una estructura - Discussion Forums
Buenas tardes, Estoy programando una aplicación en Labwindows/CVI y tengo el siguiente problema. Necesitaría guardar una serie de números en

Solved: Find Supported Commands on XCP - Discussion Forums
Solved: So in the XCP protocol there is a bunch of commands that are optional and if the ECU you are talking to doesn't support the command it will

Beginner help: export a multichannel Arduino analogue input to a single csv - Discussion Forums
Hello all. This is my first forum post! As a newcomer to LabVIEW, I'm really impressed by its functionality. I'd like assistance with teh following

Solved: Best equivalent of an if else statement in labVIEW? - Discussion Forums
Solved: I'm trying to figure out the best way to use one value to control what value is selected as an output in labVIEW. Say I have the following

Array Value Counter - Discussion Forums
I need help with what I hope is going to be a simple counter. To make it simple, I have a large array, and I want to count how many times a range of

Synchronize Read/Write to USB - Discussion Forums
I am plugging a device (via USB) that sends measurements to PC when a command ('A') is sent to the device. What I am trying to do to have a known

Solved: Deployment Error When Deploying Labview to Raspberry Pi through LINX - Discussion Forums
Solved: I am using Raspberry Pi 3 with raspbian jessie and installed labview 2014(32bit) in my windows 7 laptop. Everything goes smoothly as I