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UMI-7774 Axis1 Inhibit input/output (and Fault +/-) to corresponding Servo Drive signals - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have servo drive (yaskawa sigma fsp) that i configured to work in Position command mode, And i want to connect it to UMI-7774 with PCI-7344

FTC Questions (Bluetooth, All-In-One program, and Program Chooser) - Discussion Forums
So my team has been unable to connect our robot via bluetooth to the FTC Controller Station and get it to drive around via bluetooth. We got our

Solved: How to move motor one step - Discussion Forums
Solved: I have a stepper motor connected to the MID-7604 driver. I am trying to drive the motor in a linear manner. I can do runs of 5000 steps with

1411 - Discussion Forums
hi and thanks in advance im using the 1411 to grab video. the video source is a composite colour test pattern as ive just started to use it. however,

connecting encoder DH053 to USB 6221 DAQ - Discussion Forums
Please I want to connect encoder DHo53-060e3n01 to USB-6221 DAQ to count pulses up and down and I don't know the right connections please help

Connecting Yaskawa Sigma II Servo Drive (SGDH) to PCI-7344 and UMI-7774 - Discussion Forums
Hi, I have NI PCI-7344 and UMI-7774 and i want to Connect the UMI-7774 to Yaskawa Sigma II Servo Drive (SGDH) , the servo motor drive is connected to

old pci-7334 for Linux - Discussion Forums
I bought a PCI-7334 (for spare) two years ago (2008) for an instrument observatory. The control software was under Linux, and unfortunately this new

Breakpoints in 2D motion - Discussion Forums
Hello, I am trying to send an output every time a vector space position is reached. The motion is usually a multiple number of points (say 6), that

The "Old Brook" flows at over 4K! - Discussion Forums
Well it happened again. Christian has shared another 1k worth of knowledge and now has more than 4K postings (Double Enthusiast). Thanks Christian

Cannot image cRIO. Error message 56 - Discussion Forums
When imaging the cRIO from the FRC Imaging utility, we receive error: Unable to complete operation because of unexpected error 56: UDP Read in repFPC

Loading an Contoured Move - Discussion Forums
Hello,          I need to know if there is a way to load and execute a pre-defined Contoured Move, built using a sine wave generator, without using

PCI7342 UMI7764 and Mitsubishi Drive interfacing(Encoder feedback) - Discussion Forums
I am using mitsubishi drive.I want to connect its 5V differential enocder output to differential input of UMI7764 and in turn UMI 7764 is connected

Discussion Forum rating system - Discussion Forums
I have been becoming more active in these forums, mostly because they are the best supported forums I have ever been a part of, and thus are very

URGENT!!! Labview 8.5.1 Activation Issues - Discussion Forums
I downloaded and installed the labview version from first website. However, I could not find the folder in which to save license file (the one called

Solved: NI 9512 with Labview FPGA Interface - Discussion Forums
Solved: Is it possible to use the NI 9512 stepper drive module with the Labview FPGA interface or is it only possible to use it with the scan

How can I set the direction of motion before number of steps? - Discussion Forums
Hi all, There's probably some really obvious answer to this that I'm just missing, but I need to separate (delay) the signal for direction change

Are globals really THAT evil? - Discussion Forums
Much more than once, I have seen people here claim that globals are the source of all evil and that they should never be used. Personally, however, I

EPOS Control Using LabVIEW - Discussion Forums
I am developing a LabVIEW vi to control one EPOS 70/10 and 250W DC brushless motor. I have downloaded the express vi's from the NI website and I am

Solved: Power amplifier - Discussion Forums
Solved: Hi! I'm currently trying to amplify the power so that the power from SCB68 can turn/ drive my motor using LM675 as in the first page of this

safely remove usb - Discussion Forums
Hi, I am using a USB6211 with windows XP, LabVIEW 2009. The card in integrated in to a measurement device that the user will plug in when they want

Route 05 and "Highway through hell" - Discussion Forums
Dear friends, my elder daughter is leaving school this year and they have choosen the motto Route 05 Highway through hell. I need to know is there a

PCI-7352 DAC Output - Discussion Forums
I'm using the PCI-7352 to drive a Physik Instrument C809 amplifier and M230.25 linear acuator. I've run into some issues with the speed and following

I need auto. help - Discussion Forums
has anyone found out how to make the auto. mode codes for labiew????   I really need help  making the codes. Can anyone give me info on how to do it?

Control the MICOS MocoDC stage controller - Discussion Forums
I have tried to search how to Control the MICOS MocoDC stage controller by LabVIEW everywhere, but no result found. I also contact MICOS but they

how to get software to recognize PCI-7344 board - Discussion Forums
I have a PCI-7344 control board. Computer is running WinXP and it previously found the card. The OS correctly finds cards 6503 and 6703, and the

Things learned the hard way…… - Discussion Forums
/* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0;

ReadADC.flx output - Discussion Forums
What is the meaning of the analog value output from ReadADC.flx? The help box indicates that it is the signed 12-bit signal (NI7330,UMI7764) but we

Your Input Needed: Advanced LabVIEW Sessions at NIWeek 2009 - Discussion Forums
All, Even though NIWeek 2009 is months away, we here at NI are already organizing the technical sessions that you'll attend. We are putting a special

Stepper Motor + Labview Novice - Discussion Forums
I'm working on a project that requires running two stepper motors to rotate parallel rings. I'm a second year engineering student, so my experience

Softmotion Dev. Module Tutorial - Discussion Forums
Any good tutorial for Softmotion Dev. Module? I have used Softmotion for straight line move but my next application is contouring data taken by a CAD

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