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Setting World Records in 5G Wireless Spectral Efficiency
By 2020, Cisco forecasts 5.5 billion people will own mobile phones, but today’s wireless networks can't handle the rapidly approaching, hyper-connected future.

Replicating Urban Vehicular Network Performance in Lab Settings
TU Wien researchers tested the performance of full-scale urban vehicular communication networks.

Developing Automation Technologists for Hard-to-Fill Jobs Across High-Tech Ecosystems
Training students for hard to fill technical jobs across the whole spectrum of high tech industries, while helping them overcome the mathematics and/or physics barrier.

Direction-Finding System Deployment Based on the NI Platform
Researchers at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca needed to deploy a solution that could indicate the direction of an incoming target signal expressed by its angle of arrival (AoA).

Building a Condition Monitoring System for Diesel Vehicles Using Machine Learning
We wanted to monitor the vibration generated by traction systems in diesel vehicles in order to build a system that could achieve early detection of abnormalities. We needed hardware capable of handling ...

The EPFLoop: Using CompactRIO to Control a SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Prototype
The EPFLoop team needed to design and build a control system for a prototype transport vehicle (pod) to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various aspects of the hyperloop concept. They used the ...

Implementing Project-Based Learning for the Measurement Capable Student With myDAQ and VirtualBench
We wanted to update a laboratory course to one with a consistent thematic to help year-one students become industry-ready graduates.

CERN Creates a CompactRIO Ground Vibration Monitoring System as Part of the International Seismic Network
We needed to create a system to monitor both natural ground motion and industrial vibration with tight timing restrictions. The system should also allow persona-based access to data to share with CERN ...

Enhanced Cancer Interventions With Modular Control of MRI Robots
By combining MRI 3D intraoperative imaging with robotics, healthcare professionals can create guiding interventions with precise closed-loop instrument delivery. But because MRI is highly sensitive to ...

Development of a Fluid Management System for Surgical Operations in Microgravity
Today, patients who require surgical treatment while in space would need to return to Earth for that surgery. To move closer to a future where physicians can operate in space, an experiment must be designed ...