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Developing Automation Technologists for Hard-to-Fill Jobs Across High-Tech Ecosystems
Training students for hard to fill technical jobs across the whole spectrum of high tech industries, while helping them overcome the mathematics and/or physics barrier.

Software development kit to start with LabVIEW using technical teaching equipment
Training new generations in a programming tool that enables the development of software solutions to be applied to industrial processes carried out by real hardware in different fields of study. (Figure ...

Modular Instrumentation for Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
Cepel needed to implement an online partial discharge (PD) monitoring and analysis system for hydroelectric power plant generators to aid the predictive diagnosis of stator electric insulation.

A Mass Spectrometer-Based Analytical System for Nanoparticles
The Environmental Standards Group of AIST wanted to develop an analytical system for nanoparticles using an existing mass spectrometer as a base and adding external measurement hardware and software to ...

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Physics
EDIBON needed to develop teaching units to drive the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications of physics, both at the industrial and research levels.

Using an Infrasound Monitoring System With LabVIEW NXG to Understand How Elephants Communicate
As part of its new Centre for Elephant Care, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) wanted to integrate technologies to visualise the infrasonic communications between the herd as an outreach exhibition ...

Using LabVIEW for Data Acquisition and Control of a Dual Fuel Engine
The Renewable Fuel and Internal Combustion Engine Lab at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi aimed to develop a system for fast, reliable, and precise control of a converted dual fuel compression ...

From Undergrad to Engineer: Tsinghua University Uses NI Tools to Prepare Engineering Students for the Global Workforce
Tsinghua University sought new ways to develop future engineering students in both graduate and undergraduate tracks to prepare for the ever-changing industrial landscape.

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Continuum Mechanics
EDIBON aimed to develop teaching units to support the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications in the areas of continuum mechanics and strength of materials, both at industrial ...

FPGA-Based Real-Time Implementation for Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithm Using QR Decomposition
Our research team needed to implement a complex direction of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm on hardware (FPGA) with high efficiency and throughput, and utilizing the least amount of hardware resources. ...