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Building High-Channel-Count Missile Test Systems With NI CompactRIO
Designing, building, and deploying an instrumentation system for remote missile-seeker operation and testing, including functional control of missile electronics, signal acquisition and processing, hardware-in-the-loop ...

Creating an Airport Runway Foreign Object Debris Detection System Based on Millimeter-Wave Radar
Analyzing and displaying the GB/s class radar data from high-resolution 96 GHz millimeter-wave radar front ends to detect small debris on airport runways.

Developing a New Breed of Industrial Inspection Drone Using the NI RIO Platform
Creating tight-deadline simulation and flight control for a breakthrough remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) design using hardware in-the-loop testing that can operate in a real-time environment and ...

LabVIEW and NI CompactDAQ Get the Skylon Space Plane Project Off the Ground
To design and build a test system to validate the enabling technology for the world’s most powerful and advanced plane engine.

NI to BigEye: A Tale of Two Platforms
Developing and commercialising technology for capturing cost-effective, high-resolution, wide-area geospatial imagery that combines the best features of current satellite and airborne imagery in a single ...

Saab Elevates Testing of the World’s Most Cost-Effective Fighter Plane
Saab needed to find a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution to replace our custom system for interfacing to line-replaceable units (LRUs) in Saab Aeronautics simulators.

URSC, ISRO Improves Flexibility and Scalability of a Satellite TTC Receiver ATE While Reducing Test Times by More Than 50 Percent
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has increased its number of launches. This has created a need to develop scalable and portable testers that we can customize for upcoming projects and move ...

Model-Based Validation of Algorithm for Safety-Critical Systems
Performing real-time demonstration and visualization of a data validation algorithm used in Saras Aircraft PT1-N safety-critical systems, with time constraints of 25 ms.

Quantification of Overlapping Rotor Interference Effects of UAVs
Global interest in small, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is rapidly increasing. However, we currently lack empirical data for rotor-to-rotor interference effects, especially for partially overlapping ...

RADAR Target Simulation in a Field Signal Record and Playback System
10X Engineering needed to develop a highly flexible radar target simulator for multiple dynamic or static targets, with the option to reconfigure the main parameters on the fly, including the functionality ...