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Measurement System for Reliability Testing of MEMS Resonators
Creating an instrument that can control and measure the movement of multiple MEMS resonator structures to execute quasi-static and fatigue break tests.

Hyundai Kefico Improves Production Test Time by 15% Using a Standard Common Platform Tester
We needed to sustainably meet manufacturing test deadlines for increasingly complex powertrain electronic control units (ECU) with over 200 pins and 20,000 test steps; while ensuring test times comply ...

Fully Automated Test System for LV124/LV148 Reduces Test Times and Costs for Lidar Electrical Testing by 50 Percent
We needed to develop a fully automated test system for the electrical tests of the LV124 automotive standard. We wanted to replace the usual manual test procedure and drastically reduce the test time and ...

Validating Control Algorithms by Rapid Prototyping of the Controller for an Integrated Starter Generator
We needed to develop a prototyped controller to validate the algorithms with the physical assembly of the integrated starter generator (ISG) while the actual controller was designed and developed.

Tests on Wireless Communication to Tire Sensors
We needed to validate and develop a customised communication protocol sensor at a lower cost compared to existing systems.

Volvo Cars Improves Ride Quality Using an Open HIL Platform and Dynamic Vehicle Simulation
Volvo Cars needed to extend the functionality of its Dynamic Driving Simulator to encompass active vehicle components and control systems. This would reduce the need for costly, physical field tests whilst ...

Accurate Emulation of Satellite Signals for a Full-Scale Vehicle Simulator Enables Driving Anywhere Around the Globe
The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) needed to develop a connected vehicle simulator environment to test and characterize any new technology (infrastructure, communications, and on-vehicle systems) in ...

Advancing Electrification of Mazda Vehicles Through Software Defined Automated Test System with 90% Test Cost Reduction
Building and automating a system to both verify the logic (functionality) and evaluate the robustness of electronic components operating cooperatively, including related operations and result judgement, ...

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Physics
EDIBON needed to develop teaching units to drive the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications of physics, both at the industrial and research levels.

Phasing Angle Real-Time Measurement for Multi-Camshaft Combustion Engines in Production Hot Test Benches Using the CompactRIO Platform
Sistemi e Macchine di Produzione (SIMPRO) needed to develop a lean and cost-effective system that could measure the phase angle of a camshaft, with respect to the crankshaft, of automotive combustion engines ...