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Measurement System for Reliability Testing of MEMS Resonators
Creating an instrument that can control and measure the movement of multiple MEMS resonator structures to execute quasi-static and fatigue break tests.

Advancing Electrification of Mazda Vehicles Through Software Defined Automated Test System with 90% Test Cost Reduction
Building and automating a system to both verify the logic (functionality) and evaluate the robustness of electronic components operating cooperatively, including related operations and result judgement, ...

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Physics
EDIBON needed to develop teaching units to drive the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications of physics, both at the industrial and research levels.

Phasing Angle Real-Time Measurement for Multi-Camshaft Combustion Engines in Production Hot Test Benches Using the CompactRIO Platform
Sistemi e Macchine di Produzione (SIMPRO) needed to develop a lean and cost-effective system that could measure the phase angle of a camshaft, with respect to the crankshaft, of automotive combustion engines ...

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Continuum Mechanics
EDIBON aimed to develop teaching units to support the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications in the areas of continuum mechanics and strength of materials, both at industrial ...

Building an Automated Onboard Vehicle Infotainment Platform Test System Using TestStand and PXI
We needed to design a new functional tester for car infotainment systems containing multiple modules and communication channels, such as WiFi, USB, CAN, Bluetooth, DAB, RDS, and GPS.

Testing Integrated Starter Generators for Hybrid Vehicles
We needed to develop and commission a fully automated dynamometer test rig for integrated starter generators (ISGs) used in hybrid vehicles to run accelerated life tests.

Flexible Evaluation Workflows with FEVALYS Sequencer
Friday late afternoon - The customer wants a revised test evaluation. All results of the last 2 weeks must be reevaluated. Names have to be adapted, further calculations must be inserted and additional ...

Toyota Motors Reduces Man-Hours and Reutilizes Data Using NI Solutions for Test Data Analysis and Management
Toyota must prepare many variations of products and units to meet a wide variety of customer needs in different countries and regions. This requires a huge number of tests during the development process, ...

Honda Developed a New Method for Measuring Fuel Cell Impedance With PXI Data Acquisition System
We wanted to develop a new technique for measuring fuel cell impedance that would empower us to rapidly measure the characteristics of a wide range of frequencies in high precision, rather than just the ...