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Modular Instrumentation for Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
Cepel needed to implement an online partial discharge (PD) monitoring and analysis system for hydroelectric power plant generators to aid the predictive diagnosis of stator electric insulation.

Automating Blowout Preventer Testing With CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Engenuity Inc. needed to design an accurate, repeatable way to test blowout preventers (BOPs) for leaks, which required the development of a real-time control and DAQ application for a fully automated, ...

Innovative HIL Testbed Validates the Software Embedded in Socomec Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
We needed to build a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for our electric power converters to validate complete functionality with strict real-time constraints and to test the robustness of our products ...

Development of Systems for Technical Training in the Field of Physics
EDIBON needed to develop teaching units to drive the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications of physics, both at the industrial and research levels.

Unlocking Fusion Energy – Our Path to a Sustainable Future
We wanted to demonstrate fusion energy temperatures of 100 million degrees centigrade in a spherical tokamak, paving the way for consumable fusion energy generation by 2025.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in the Construction Industry with a Data-Driven Approach to Rock Smashing
We needed to prototype a novel rock crushing test rig, which would help us re-evaluate the way the materials industry calculates energy consumed when producing aggregate construction materials.

Paving the Way for Industry 4.0 With Smart, Reconfigurable Manufacturing Machines
The Manufacturing Engineering Research Group at Trinity College Dublin needed to develop an open, reconfigurable, automated product test line that delivers Industry 4.0 capabilities and can test more than ...

Accelerating Research Innovation: Teaching LabVIEW at a Centre of Doctoral Training
Postgraduate research students join the Centre of Doctoral Training with varying levels of programming experience and from a wide variety of backgrounds, including mechanical engineering, physics, and ...

Discovering the Dynamic Properties of Civil Structures With Wirelessly Synchronised, Highly Distributed Data Loggers
Modal analysis can offer insight into civil structures, which can drive the design of life-saving buildings that are resilient to major catastrophe. Unfortunately, the enormity of civil structures, like ...

Using Offshore Pile Upending Tool to Control the Lifting of Immense Monopiles
Houlder needed to develop a reliable, fast, and safe system to lift 855 tonne wind turbine steel foundation monopiles from the horizontal position on the deck of the installation vessel to vertical at ...