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Hacking Implantable Medical Devices to Emphasise Life-Threatening Security Flaws
Most implanted medical devices (IMDs), such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, and neurostimulators, include wireless capabilities that use proprietary security protocols. Our goal was to prove that security ...

University of Bristol and Lund University Partner With NI to Set World Records in 5G Wireless Spectral Efficiency Using Massive MIMO
By 2020, Cisco forecasts that 5.5 billion people will own mobile phones. In the United Kingdom alone, tens of millions of these mobile users will each consume 20 GB of data per month and use more than ...

Using NI PXI Solutions to Build a Universal Integrated Intelligent Test System to Escort the Launch of More Than 100 Satellites
Shortening the development cycle and controlling the system acquisition costs in the face of heavy satellite launch missions, and increasing the versatility, flexibility, and performance of a satellite ...

Using Software Defined Radio to Motivate, Prepare, and Engage Students in Wireless Communications
Motivating and preparing undergraduate and graduate students for technical careers in wireless communications in government, industry, and academia.

Accelerating ZigBee and 802.15.4 Module Testing with LabVIEW and an NI RF Vector Signal Analyzer
Improving throughput, repeatability, and accuracy in the current production test environment at MaxStream.

Building a Satellite Navigation Test Platform Using the NI Vector Signal Transceiver
Entering the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) automated test market with a high-performance, flexible, and aggressively priced solution that is also scalable and can address growing features in ...

Clearing the Way for Ambulances Using FM Radio and the NI SDR Platform
Reducing response time for outpatient medical equipment by increasing the attention level of civilian drivers in the path of an emergency vehicle.

Designing Hands-On Wireless Communications Labs With the NI Universal Software Radio Peripheral and LabVIEW
Moving beyond theory and simulation to expose entry-level wireless communications students to real signals for hands-on laboratory learning.

LabVIEW and NI USRP Hardware Accelerate Cognitive Radio Research
Proving that limited radio spectrum resources can be used successfully by both primary and secondary users in an economically feasible way.

Using National Instruments Software and Hardware to Develop and Test RFID Tags
Engineering a cost-effective, flexible system to accurately measure and analyze wideband read range in performance verification stage of UHF RFID tag design.