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Inatel Prototypes GFDM Transceiver to Bring 5G to Brazilian Remote Areas in a Fraction of Time
Much of the population in Brazil, especially in rural or remote areas, lacks Internet access. Mobile phones capable of 5G technology can connect the poorest people to the outside world, but Brazil needs ...

Accelerating ZigBee and 802.15.4 Module Testing with LabVIEW and an NI RF Vector Signal Analyzer
Improving throughput, repeatability, and accuracy in the current production test environment at MaxStream.

Bringing Cognitive Radio Into a New Dimension
Building a testbed system that uses ultra-wideband (UWB) radio and software defined radio (SDR) to improve RF data collection by adding a spatial context to a cognitive radio system.

Development of a Digital Radio Mondiale Transmitter
Developing an advanced digital audio broadcasting transmitter using the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM/DRM+) standard. This transmitter must be capable of sending multiple audio services, text streams, and ...

LabVIEW and NI USRP Hardware Accelerate Cognitive Radio Research
Proving that limited radio spectrum resources can be used successfully by both primary and secondary users in an economically feasible way.

Using National Instruments Software and Hardware to Develop and Test RFID Tags
Engineering a cost-effective, flexible system to accurately measure and analyze wideband read range in performance verification stage of UHF RFID tag design.

Using Software Defined Radio to Motivate, Prepare, and Engage Students in Wireless Communications
Motivating and preparing undergraduate and graduate students for technical careers in wireless communications in government, industry, and academia.

Nokia Networks Partners With NI to Rapidly Prototype 5G Proof-of-Concept System
Consumer adoption of 3G and 4G LTE standards outpaced all other technologies and grew to nearly 3 billion connections in less than 15 years. It is now projected that the number of connected devices will ...

Prototyping Real-Time Full-Duplex Radios
Prototyping a real-time full-duplex radio system in which a single channel can be used, immediately doubling the value of spectrum assets worth billions of dollars and offering the potential to complement ...

University of Bristol and Lund University Partner With NI to Set World Records in 5G Wireless Spectral Efficiency Using Massive MIMO
By 2020, Cisco forecasts that 5.5 billion people will own mobile phones. In the United Kingdom alone, tens of millions of these mobile users will each consume 20 GB of data per month and use more than ...