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Quantum Computing Research Using Free-Electron Lasers and Megawatt Magnets
Researching a method for quantum computing at the High-Field Magnetic Laboratory (HFML) and the Free Electron Lasers for Infrared Experiments (FELIX) facility in Nijmegen, Netherlands, scientists held ...

Next-Level Vehicle Component Testing
Create a rugged, autonomous in-vehicle testing solution to synchronously monitor and analyze vehicle CAN information along with various analog sensors on an on-highway vocational vehicle’s cooling system ...

High-Speed Streaming of Digital Communications in Space
Building a test bench to verify and validate the high-speed digital communications generated and received by the main modules that make up the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellite communication system. ...

Real-Time Management and Control of Dose Distribution Released on a Tumor During Hadron Therapy
Creating a real-time processing system that controls and drives therapeutic proton beams (or carbon ions) and integrates with a complex therapy machine.

Optimizing Storage and Energy Use in an Autonomous Home Using NI Single-Board RIO
Interfacing energy storage devices with a communication network for precise control of energy use in the “Canopea” house, winner of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 challenge.

Creating a Test Bench for Railway Wheel and Track Contact Research Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Developing a test bench to analyze the contact conditions of railway carriages and thoroughly study the contact between the wheel and the track, which is key to solving railway problems as well as developing ...

Using LabVIEW, NI VeriStand, and INERTIA to Create DYNACAR, a Model-Based Dynamometer With Full Vehicle Simulation
Developing an easily configurable, modular vehicle model and test system to use in a model-based dynamometer and rapidly prototyping vehicle control systems.

Creating a CAN Bus Communication Platform Based on the SAE J1939 Protocol and NI PXI
Merging the J1939 protocol into the CAN bus communication platform design.

Managing Avionics Bus Obsolescence With an NI FlexRIO FPGA Module for Thales
Developing an avionics bus validation resource for equipment produced by Thales Avionics.

Designing an Electric Racecar With NI LabVIEW and NI Single-Board RIO
Developing telemetry and motor control systems for an electric racecar with highly modular, scalable hardware and software.