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Restoring the Instron Laboratory Testing Machine with NI LabVIEW and Data Acquisition Hardware
Restoring an outdated materials testing unit in a university laboratory that was deemed unserviceable.

Model of Electronic Components and Communications of an Electric/Hybrid Vehicle’s Propulsion System for the Validation of Controllers
Implementing three models that emulate the unavailable functioning and communications electronic control units (ECUs) for an electric/hybrid vehicle propulsion system.

Microprocessor Relay Protection System
Designing a laboratory facility for hands-on study of microprocessor relay protection circuits for interactive monitoring and control over any modeled processes and hardware-simulated emergency situations. ...

Developing a Versatile Test System to Reduce Semiconductor Cost of Test
Identifying a cost effective solution for performing fixture test and repair in line with manufacturing flow that requires minimum overhead and does not affect ATE productivity.

Revamping a Test Bench for Automotive Transmission Parts
Upgrading both the hardware (data acquisition system, control panels, and signal wiring) and the software of an old test bench for automotive transmission parts, and completely redesigning the program ...

Developing a High-Speed, High-Accuracy Measuring System for Automotive Screw Inspection
Developing a real-time application to monitor a system with more than 600 parts per minute and more than 15 different measures (including height, diameter, thread control, top view with screw head cracks ...

Hot-Stamping Machine Retrofit to Improve the Production of Decorated Plastic Bottles
Reuse the chassis of an out-of-service hot stamping machine to build a modern bottle decorating machine at an accessible price.

Vantage Power Replaces Diesel With Hybrid Buses and Achieves 40 Percent Fuel Savings
Developing a hybrid powertrain that can be retrofitted into existing double-decker buses and can demonstrate a 40% fuel savings in real-world operating conditions. We needed to develop a completely new ...

Using myDAQ and myRIO to Implement Rapid Control Prototyping and HIL Simulation in a Laboratory Environment
Creating a ‘take-home’ student lab to teach rapid control prototyping and HIL simulation.

Automated Measurement Rig for Tidal Stream Energy Device Wake Mapping
Automating the labour-intensive process of taking flow measurements for tidal stream turbines.