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Developing Automation Technologists for Hard-to-Fill Jobs Across High-Tech Ecosystems
Training students for hard to fill technical jobs across the whole spectrum of high tech industries, while helping them overcome the mathematics and/or physics barrier.

Time-Resolved 2D Shrinkage of Commercial Resin-Based Composites Using Laser Interferometry With PCIe-8231 and myDAQ
Measuring shrinkage strain during the curing of resin-based composites in dentistry applications

Developing a 12 m Wide Printer With LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Developing a 12 m wide printer to prepare and print cotton material.

Developing a High-Speed, High-Accuracy Measuring System for Automotive Screw Inspection
Developing a real-time application to monitor a system with more than 600 parts per minute and more than 15 different measures (including height, diameter, thread control, top view with screw head cracks ...

Hot-Stamping Machine Retrofit to Improve the Production of Decorated Plastic Bottles
Reuse the chassis of an out-of-service hot stamping machine to build a modern bottle decorating machine at an accessible price.

Developing an Innovative Urban Traffic Noise Solution
Developing an automated traffic noise monitoring and surveillance system to aid government authorities in efficiently enforcing against illegally modified vehicles that produce excess noise on roads.

LabVIEW Helps Secure Airports by Facilitating On-Belt Tomosynthesis Baggage Screening
Creating a cost-effective check-in baggage screening system designed to address the limitations of the most common method of baggage screening today, which is conventional projection radiography. These ...

VascuLogic Develops Portable 3D Vision-Guided Robot for Autonomous Venipuncture
Developing a portable, image-guided, medical robot that autonomously performs blood draws and other IV procedures when medical professionals are unable to successfully access veins.

RAL Space Uses NI Platform to Develop HD, Live Streaming Earth Observation Cameras
Developing and testing two cameras that will stream unprecedented images and video footage of planet Earth from space. The cameras are bolted to a prepared rig on the Zvezda module of the International ...

Using LabVIEW to Create a Revolutionary Thermal Imaging Device for Noncontact Respiration Monitoring
Designing and developing a real-time noncontact medical device that uses infrared imaging to monitor patient respiratory rates.