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Hyundai Wearable Robotics for Walking Assistance Offer a Full Spectrum of Mobility
Developing a system that can handle complex control algorithms to capture data remotely from various sensors simultaneously and perform real-time control of multiple actuators for a wearable robotics device ...

Experiencing Electronics in High School Through Robot Design
Providing an opportunity for high school students to gain knowledge and experience with electronics, mechanics, and information technology while improving their English language skills.

The FAST Module: An Add-On Unit Based on FlexRIO for Driving Scanning Tunneling Microscopes to Video Rate and Beyond
Overcoming the time resolution limitation of commercial scanning tunneling microscopes (STM), which is imposed by the control electronics and mechanical response of the STM scanners and makes it impossible ...

Introducing LabVIEW and the Robot Operating System (ROS)
Creating a system-level approach to program robot operating system (ROS) that is both easy for the layperson to program and for the expert to debug.

AUV: Underwater Acoustic Localization
Determining the location of an underwater acoustic source autonomously.

Controlling a Bipedal Humanoid Robot Using LabVIEW
Generating and controlling a smooth walking gait for a bipedal humanoid robot using LabVIEW.

NI PCI Powers a SensibleTAB Arm Rehabilitation Robot
Creating high-repetition, task-specific arm rehabilitation therapy under a concept of cognitive sensory motor training, which consists of different types of sensory retraining in a virtual environment ...

VascuLogic Develops Portable 3D Vision-Guided Robot for Autonomous Venipuncture
Developing a portable, image-guided, medical robot that autonomously performs blood draws and other IV procedures when medical professionals are unable to successfully access veins.

Teleoperated Rescue Robots: Using Haptic Feedback to Save Lives
Developing a precisely controlled and monitored teleoperated mobile robot to turn a gas valve to simulate and motivate teleoperated robotic devices for disaster response, such as a gas leak caused by an ...

LEGO® Education and LabVIEW: The Power of Hands-On Learning
According to the National Science Foundation’s Science and Engineering Indicators, only 10 percent of US students plan to pursue engineering in college, and fewer than half of those students will actually ...