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Creating a Solar Irradiance Logging System Using NI LabVIEW, DAQ, and WSN
Measuring solar irradiance to evaluate the potential for solar energy at a specific location, deploy solar renewable energy systems, as well as calculate and evaluate the efficiency of solar energy systems. ...

Modular Embedded System Shortens Development Time in Static VAR Compensation System
Designing a well-supported intelligent device for a T-Star new-generation static Volt Ampere- Reactive (VAR) compensator (SVC). T-Star wanted a highly reliable solution that minimized time to market and ...

Remotely Monitoring Electrical Power Signals with a Single-Board RIO
Local power analysis systems typically have constraints in equipment cost, size, and power usage balanced against the need for simultaneous sampling front-end circuitry and custom data processing algorithms ...

Time-Resolved 2D Shrinkage of Commercial Resin-Based Composites Using Laser Interferometry With PCIe-8231 and myDAQ
Measuring shrinkage strain during the curing of resin-based composites in dentistry applications

Using CompactDAQ for Automotive Test
Developing an automotive test system based on a modular platform that can quickly adapt to evolving customer requirements based on the newest trends and cover essential test needs during the R&D process, ...

Airborne Multichannel Snow Thickness Sensing and Imaging Radar Based on FlexRIO
Developing new technologies and computer models to measure and predict the response of sea level change to the mass balance of ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica and Arctic Ocean because sea ice in polar ...

C-DAQ USI—Measurement Devices for Crash Tests
Building a system that can measure data during vehicle collision tests for expert witnesses to use during real accident investigations.

Experimental Patient Monitor for Research in Cardiology
Obtaining experimental data and experiment control to develop a new bioimpedance-based method in cardiology research.

ARTSENS: An Easy-to-Use, Image-Free Technology for Arterial Stiffness Evaluation and Vascular Screening
Affordable technology for large scale vascular screening Arterial Stiffness and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Graphene Production by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Developing a graphene-coating system by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).