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C-DAQ USI—Measurement Devices for Crash Tests
Building a system that can measure data during vehicle collision tests for expert witnesses to use during real accident investigations.

Performing Faster GNSS Receiver Validation With Averna’s NI PXI-Based Record and Playback
Speeding up Trimble Navigation’s validation and test processes, which for years featured manual GNSS receiver testing, while ensuring thorough test coverage and high product quality.

Developing an Electromechanical and Microprocessor Relay Protection Research Platform
Designing a laboratory facility for the hands-on study of relay protection circuits in power generating plants and power distribution substations to allow interactive monitoring and control over any modeled ...

Easily Detecting and Addressing Faults on Denver’s Light Rail Vehicles
The Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver maintains and operates a fleet of Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) for public transportation in the Denver metro area. The existing LRV train cars operate ...

Software Platform for Universal Testing Machines Based on Single-Board RIO
Developing a universal software platform to fully automate universal testing machines (UTMs) and control test procedures including generation of test profiles with microsecond resolution and control of ...

Developing an Innovative Urban Traffic Noise Solution
Developing an automated traffic noise monitoring and surveillance system to aid government authorities in efficiently enforcing against illegally modified vehicles that produce excess noise on roads.

Implementing Large Radio Frequency Data Sharing via a Low-Voltage Differential Signaling Data Bus in a Multichannel Wideband RF System
Requiring a data bus with high bandwidth and reliability to transfer raw RF data or processed RF data from an FPGA in one processing subsystem to another.

AUV: Underwater Acoustic Localization
Determining the location of an underwater acoustic source autonomously.

Teleoperated Rescue Robots: Using Haptic Feedback to Save Lives
Developing a precisely controlled and monitored teleoperated mobile robot to turn a gas valve to simulate and motivate teleoperated robotic devices for disaster response, such as a gas leak caused by an ...

High-Speed Streaming of Digital Communications in Space
Building a test bench to verify and validate the high-speed digital communications generated and received by the main modules that make up the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellite communication system. ...