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Building a Test Bed for New 5G Technology Using NI Software Defined Radio
We aimed to develop wireless communication technology that could remarkably reduce the latency caused by a series of communication-related processes while multiple mobile phones, also called user equipment ...

Ground Synthetic Aperture Radar Demonstrator
Designing and building a simple and compact ground synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for on-ground imaging.

Automated Test System for SSR Transponder
Creating a flexible, scalable, and automated test system that allows various test scenarios for secondary surveillance radar (SSR) transponder (XPDR), compliant with Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast ...

Using NI PXI and LabVIEW to Create an Automatic Test System for Mixed Signal ASIC
Decreasing test time significantly for a mass production ASIC.

Fujitsu and NI Demonstrate the Interoperability of the ORI Specification for Base Stations, Incorporating a Fujitsu-Branded RRH and a BBU Simulator Developed Using NI in Its Testing
Performing connection tests using remote radio heads (RRHs) and baseband units (BBUs) compliant with the ORI specification, in order to verify its interoperability.

Prototyping Real-Time Full-Duplex Radios
Prototyping a real-time full-duplex radio system in which a single channel can be used, immediately doubling the value of spectrum assets worth billions of dollars and offering the potential to complement ...

Developing a Satellite Delay Emulation System Using FPGA-Programmable Modules
Providing a solution capable of emulating dynamically, with extreme precision and absolute reliability, the transmission and reception timing of a satellite in geostationary orbit. This allows inputting ...

Performing Faster GNSS Receiver Validation With Averna’s NI PXI-Based Record and Playback
Speeding up Trimble Navigation’s validation and test processes, which for years featured manual GNSS receiver testing, while ensuring thorough test coverage and high product quality.

Data Logger With Satellite Transmitter for INSAT C3
Developing a motherboard with an RF transmitter, 16-bit ADCs, and extremely low power consumption for a Single-Board RIO device.

High-Performance Semiblind Demodulator Library Based on FPGA
Developing an FPGA-based, high-performance demodulation library for a data rate up to 45 MS/s.