Case Study Results

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Phase-Coherent MIMO Acquisition and Generation System
Developing a front panel for phase coherent MIMO systems that can be configured for two or more channels of phase-coherent signal acquisition and generation.

Automatic Temperature Measurement with Precise Infrared Pyrometers
Developing an automated test solution to replace an existing manually operated system, and increasing the system’s measurement precision and system reliability.

Inspecting Rubber Parts Using NI Machine Vision Systems
Developing an automated visual quality control and inspection process that can ensure consistent flawless production of rubber parts in a series of several million for the automotive industry.

Using LabVIEW to Create a GPRS Monitoring System
Developing an alternative to MODBUS-transparent general packet radio service (GPRS) routers for monitoring remote locations using GPRS for data transfer.

Using NI Data Acquisition and LabVIEW for Physical Ability Tests
Developing a low-cost system to evaluate physical capabilities such as speed, agility, jumping, and isometric and isoinertial strength.

Performing Temperature Regulation and Monitoring in an Oil Aging Test System
Developing a system that continuously monitors, logs, and regulates transformer oil temperature during the aging process and maintains temperature consistency within strict limits.

Using CompactRIO and NI Developer Suite to Automate a Manganese Removal System in a Water Treatment Plant
Increasing tap water quality to meet standards from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia by developing a manganese removal system for a water treatment plant that processes water at a rate ...

Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Develop a Control System for a Solid Target Transfer Mechanism for Radiopharmaceutical Production
Replacing an old control system for the Cyclotron CS-30, a machine that produces thallium 201 for radiopharmacy use, with a new, expandable, easy-to-use and maintain control system that integrates with ...

Using LabVIEW and PXI Hardware for Resonant Vibration and Image Processing Nondestructive Testing
Integrating resonant vibration and image processing nondestructive testing in a single measurement cabinet by combining fast Fourier transform (FFT) testing and machine vision.

Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Build a Reactor Core Management Program Control Algorithm
Implementing a measurement system and control reactor to replace an existing set of applications, increase reactor stability, enable efficient reactor use, and reduce maintenance.