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Restoring the Instron Laboratory Testing Machine with NI LabVIEW and Data Acquisition Hardware
Restoring an outdated materials testing unit in a university laboratory that was deemed unserviceable.

Developing a Real-Time System for Controlling a Universal Test Machine
Controlling the force and displacement on a 60 ton Schenk universal test machine that is used for static and dynamic tests of aircrafts and large structures or specimens for aeronautical and non-aeronautical ...

Using NI Engine Control System to Investigate Transient Operation With Alternative Fueling and High-Efficiency Combustion Strategies
Obtaining a research engine controller for a novel dual-fuel, low-temperature combustion engine that offers cycle-by-cycle combustion control and has the power electronics to drive high-powered direct ...

Developing an Adsorption Desalination Cooling System Driven by Solar and Waste Heat Using LabVIEW and PXI
Developing a two-stage adsorber desalination cooling (ADC) system capable of simultaneously generating desalinated water and refrigeration at 7 °C using hot water from solar or any low-grade (less than ...

Developing a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Control, Networking, and DAQ System Using LabVIEW and PXI
Configuring control and DAQ hardware from a single workstation combined with software for data logging, data processing, and graphical display for wind tunnel DAQ.

Developing a Data Acquisition and Control System for a Trisonic Wind Tunnel
Automating and controlling the various operations of a 0.3 m wind tunnel that runs in subsonic, transonic, and supersonic modes.

Characterizing Sound Profiles for a New Airbus Aircraft Using NI PXI
Acquiring data at high sample rates from more than 200 microphones and pressure sensors that are distributed in a large wind tunnel while keeping the signals synchronized within 1 µs.

Designing an In-Shoe Pressure and Shear Measuring System Using NI LabVIEW, DAQ, and SCXI
Developing a system to gather data for localized plantar pressure and shear to predict and prevent foot ulcerations.

Trading Up: NASA Chooses NI SC Express for Accuracy, Flexibility in New Data Acquisition System
Replacing legacy NEFF equipment in one of NASA’s largest human-rated environmental chambers with a data acquisition system capable of accurately synchronizing and measuring more than 500 analog channels ...

Creating a Therapeutic Game for the Elderly With Remote Monitoring for Caregivers Using NI LabVIEW
Developing a therapeutic game for the elderly with customizable user interactions and automated email notifications for caregiver monitoring of physical and mental activities.