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Automated Testing of Hardware-Dependent AUTOSAR MCAL software
Developing a system for automated testing of peripheral software that does not require considerable investment into a specialized test hardware infrastructure and does not require continuous upgrading ...

Controlling a Bipedal Humanoid Robot Using LabVIEW
Generating and controlling a smooth walking gait for a bipedal humanoid robot using LabVIEW.

Developing an Operational Test System for Automotive Radios at High Temperatures
Ensuring that automotive radios correctly function when subjected to high temperature profiles.

Testing eCall Emergency Call Systems With the NI Platform
Developing an efficient multidevice tester with full-featured run-in screening and functionality testing for eCall products, which will become a standard feature in every car and must be tested in accordance ...

Developing a Measurement System to Test Tractor and Coal Shearer Arms
Creating a laboratory to test various parts of mining machinery drives, particularly machines manufactured by KOPEX, using several test stands and detecting flaws during installation of individual components. ...

Using NI CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, and LabVIEW to Create a Reliable, Cost Effective Energy Solution for Smart Grids
Creating a system for real-time forecasting of intermittent solar power and coordinated energy management.

Upgrading the Data Acquisition System for a Climatic Wind Tunnel Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Replacing our data acquisition system with a wind tunnel for greater test flexibility.

Using NI PXI Express and CompactRIO to Develop a Hardware-in-the-Loop Tester for Electric Driver ECUs of Locomotives
Developing a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for a main drive locomotive to test newly developed control algorithms.

Integrated Motion and Temperature Test Table for Car Sensors
Integrating existing motion and temperature test table equipment with a compact, rugged, and customized test measurement system for high-speed data acquisition of 10 car sensors.

Designing, Building, and Testing a Race Car Fuel Cell System Using LabVIEW
Building and testing a fuel cell system systematically, which is difficult because every part needs to communicate with other parts, and most parts need to be actively controlled to function properly.