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Automated Testing of Hardware-Dependent AUTOSAR MCAL software
Developing a system for automated testing of peripheral software that does not require considerable investment into a specialized test hardware infrastructure and does not require continuous upgrading ...

Automated Test System for SSR Transponder
Creating a flexible, scalable, and automated test system that allows various test scenarios for secondary surveillance radar (SSR) transponder (XPDR), compliant with Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast ...

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast-Based Real-Time Air Traffic Monitoring System Using URSP-2920
Creating an application to receive and interpret in real-time the information from ADS-B messages sent by inflight commercial aircraft equipped with ADS-B transceivers and finding a way to maintain continuous ...

LabVIEW Framework for Optical Coherence Tomography Systems
Developing a portable and easily adjustable application framework for optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems. The framework should allow for rapidly programming OCT setups with different hardware solutions. ...

Using NI PXI and LabVIEW to Create an Automatic Test System for Mixed Signal ASIC
Decreasing test time significantly for a mass production ASIC.

Fujitsu and NI Demonstrate the Interoperability of the ORI Specification for Base Stations, Incorporating a Fujitsu-Branded RRH and a BBU Simulator Developed Using NI in Its Testing
Performing connection tests using remote radio heads (RRHs) and baseband units (BBUs) compliant with the ORI specification, in order to verify its interoperability.

ARTSENS: An Easy-to-Use, Image-Free Technology for Arterial Stiffness Evaluation and Vascular Screening
Affordable technology for large scale vascular screening Arterial Stiffness and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Remote Control Structural Monitoring of the Construction of the Tajo’s Viaduct’s Central Arch Span
Monitoring the construction process for building 324 meters of light for the Tajo’s Viaduct’s central arched span using the incremental launches technique by remote control.

Porting the Simulation Environment of an Aviation FPGA Component (DO-254-A) to a Physical Verification Test Bench
Performing the physical verification of an FPGA device by reusing its virtual simulation environment, following a DO 254 Level A methodology flow (Guidance document for the development of hardware components ...

Hydrophone Calibration System
Developing a digital calibration system for underwater acoustic transducers (hydrophones) for applications like ocean bottom profiling, underwater telephony, and more.