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Developing a High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter Automated Test System
Designing a system to measure and perform functional control of static and dynamic parameters of high-speed (up to 800 MHz) A/D converters.

Developing an Innovative Urban Traffic Noise Solution
Developing an automated traffic noise monitoring and surveillance system to aid government authorities in efficiently enforcing against illegally modified vehicles that produce excess noise on roads.

Developing an Operational Test System for Automotive Radios at High Temperatures
Ensuring that automotive radios correctly function when subjected to high temperature profiles.

Developing an Intelligent Condition Monitoring System
Developing a flexible, scalable laboratory stand for vibration measurements and condition monitoring of mechanical systems.

Developing a Measurement System to Test Tractor and Coal Shearer Arms
Creating a laboratory to test various parts of mining machinery drives, particularly machines manufactured by KOPEX, using several test stands and detecting flaws during installation of individual components. ...

Monitoring Harsh Manufacturing Environments With NI Wireless Network Technology
Facilitating machine condition monitoring in dynamic and hazardous industrial environments.

Characterizing Sound Profiles for a New Airbus Aircraft Using NI PXI
Acquiring data at high sample rates from more than 200 microphones and pressure sensors that are distributed in a large wind tunnel while keeping the signals synchronized within 1 µs.

Developing an Air-Coupled Ultrasonic C-Scan Imaging System to Detect Composite Defects Using LabVIEW
Developing a noncontact air-coupled ultrasonic C-scan imaging system for fast and reliable detection of defects in thick and multilayered composites that continuously acquires data from an ultrasonic transducer ...

Raytheon BBN Tests Cutting-Edge Shooter Detection System
Acquiring time-synchronized data on a firing range and other environments to test and improve the performance of the Boomerang shooter detection system.

Building a 7.5 MW Pump Test Facility Using an NI PXI System
Developing a complete automated test system that takes data from different instruments, sensors, and variable frequency drives to monitor flow, temperature, pressure, torque, power, speed, sound and vibration, ...