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Using LabVIEW and the Authors' Models Created in The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB® Software in the HIL of the Hydropower Unit Speed Control
Incorporating an accurate model of the waterhammer phenomenon that occurs in the pipelines of high head hydraulic turbines in a modular hardware-in-the-loop(HIL) test stand for hydropower unit governors. ...

ARTSENS: An Easy-to-Use, Image-Free Technology for Arterial Stiffness Evaluation and Vascular Screening
Affordable technology for large scale vascular screening Arterial Stiffness and Cardiovascular Diseases.

From an Autonomous Supply Tower to Connected Smart Services
Developing an all-in-one electronic management interface to manage a hybrid power generation unit dedicated to nheosolutions, transmit and receive various data sources for smart city services development, ...

Model of Electronic Components and Communications of an Electric/Hybrid Vehicle’s Propulsion System for the Validation of Controllers
Implementing three models that emulate the unavailable functioning and communications electronic control units (ECUs) for an electric/hybrid vehicle propulsion system.

Developing a Satellite Delay Emulation System Using FPGA-Programmable Modules
Providing a solution capable of emulating dynamically, with extreme precision and absolute reliability, the transmission and reception timing of a satellite in geostationary orbit. This allows inputting ...

Project QUIJOTE TGI Instrument’s Data Acquisition System for the Study of the Big Bang’s Cosmic Microwave Background
Acquiring the data obtained in the 31 polarimeters that make up the TGI instrument for the QUIJOTE telescope, simultaneously sampled at 160 KHz and synchronized with the switches and the telescope’s control ...

Microprocessor Relay Protection System
Designing a laboratory facility for hands-on study of microprocessor relay protection circuits for interactive monitoring and control over any modeled processes and hardware-simulated emergency situations. ...

Hardware and Software Development for the Biogas Industry Accelerated by Using a Flexible Software Framework
Rapid development of hardware and software for the biogas industry, without compromising accuracy and reliability of measurement data.

Software Platform for Universal Testing Machines Based on Single-Board RIO
Developing a universal software platform to fully automate universal testing machines (UTMs) and control test procedures including generation of test profiles with microsecond resolution and control of ...

Ensuring the Safety of Nuclear Waste Containers With LabVIEW and NI FlexRIO
Ensuring the safety of highly radioactive nuclear waste containers for at least 10,000 years.