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Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast-Based Real-Time Air Traffic Monitoring System Using URSP-2920
Creating an application to receive and interpret in real-time the information from ADS-B messages sent by inflight commercial aircraft equipped with ADS-B transceivers and finding a way to maintain continuous ...

Automating Blowout Preventer Testing With CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Engenuity Inc. needed to design an accurate, repeatable way to test blowout preventers (BOPs) for leaks, which required the development of a real-time control and DAQ application for a fully automated, ...

Automation of a Robotized Production Cell Through CompactRIO
Developing a new test bench design to test power meters with the flexibility to interoperate with automation devices and robotics arms through industrial protocols and adaptability to various product lines. ...

Controlling Multiple Outstations for Smart Buildings with DNP3 in Real-Time
Monitoring and controlling multiple medium voltage disconnect switches for smart buildings with several PCs as Human Machine interfaces (HMI) and a National Instruments CompactRIO controller configured ...

Autonomous High-Current Circuit Breaker Testing System
Making electrical tests and mechanical tests for circuit breakers less labour intensive and less time consuming as current methods are run in large quantities and can last for hours.

Controlling the World’s Largest Fuel-Cell Hybrid Locomotive with NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Controlling the operation of a 250 kW fuel-cell hybrid locomotive.

Bioreactor Process Plant Powered by LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Creating a full-scale bioreactor process plant integrated with tablet-based monitoring and control to expose students to plant automation and sensor integration with mobile computing platforms.

COTS-Based Active and Passive SAR/ISAR Radar Design and Tests
Designing and testing innovative active and passive synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) demonstrators in a short amount of time

Creating a CAN Bus Communication Platform Based on the SAE J1939 Protocol and NI PXI
Merging the J1939 protocol into the CAN bus communication platform design.

Creating a Comprehensive Inspection System for Automotive Instrument Clusters with NI LabVIEW, IMAQ Vision Tools
Developing an integrated and cost-effective system to perform foolproof inspection of the lamps and wiring harness in automotive clusters, including detecting loose connections and shorts in the wiring ...