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NI 9213 Thermocouple card reads differently on expansion chassis - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/Real-Time-Measurement-and/NI-9213-Thermocouple-card-reads-differently-on-expansion-chassis/td-p/3794680
I have a project with one NI 9213 module on a cRIO-9067 and two modules on an NI 9149 IO Expansion chassis. Open TC detection is disabled on all

Building with data from block diagram then using that array - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Building-with-data-from-block-diagram-then-using-that-array/td-p/3794643
I am trying to get LabView to record data points from a waveform input into an array that I can then search for a trigger. I have figured out how to

Write to data file with timestamp - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Write-to-data-file-with-timestamp/td-p/3794572
Hi all, I'm trying to write data to a spreadsheet with column headers and a timestamp column without using Write to Measurement File.vi I am able to

get time of the first sample transmitted - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/USRP-Software-Radio/get-time-of-the-first-sample-transmitted/td-p/3794522
Hi everyone, I´m trying to calculate the time of arrival using 1 usrp x310. I would calculate the time difference between the pulse trasmission start

.csv data to array FileToArray, decimal comma - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabWindows-CVI/csv-data-to-array-FileToArray-decimal-comma/td-p/3794416
Hello, I need to read a .csv file and writ the values in an array. The csv is generated externally and I have no options to change it's generation

PXI-6624 encoder count limits - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/Counter-Timer/PXI-6624-encoder-count-limits/td-p/3794399
Hi, I'm using a PXI-6624 card to read from a quad encoder with 1024ppr using Veristand configured to read in X4 mode. At approximately 11710RPM my

Running .lua Script using LabVIEW - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Running-lua-Script-using-LabVIEW/td-p/3794387
Hello Folks, I have .lua Script files which can be executed using 3rd party software, Now i want to add this .lua script execution in my LabVIEW

Solved: 16-bit ADC, -5 to +5V range - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/Real-Time-Measurement-and/16-bit-ADC-5-to-5V-range/td-p/3794361
Solved: Hi! Can anyone suggest a NI device/module that has 16-bit ADC and at least -5 to +5 V range?

Solved: NI 9207 Delta Sigma configuration, FPGA. CompactRIO Waveform Library - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/NI-9207-Delta-Sigma-configuration-FPGA-CompactRIO-Waveform/td-p/3794244
Solved: Sorry to bother, but stuck in a new problem, I am using compact Rio waveform library for data acquisition using Ni 9381 (SAR module), but as

Solved: General Info Application Builder - Discussion Forums forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/General-Info-Application-Builder/td-p/3794240
Solved: Hi All, I am working through this tutorial Distributing Applications from this NI Tutorial http://www.ni.com/tutorial/3303/en/ My uncertainty