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presistance graph that hold maximum values and also display real time spectrum - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/presistance-graph-that-hold-maximum-values-and-also-display-real/td-p/3945302?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - hello everyone! i want to plot a real-time spectrum data to graph also plot a second waveform that contains the real-time data peak value if the

Text to Speech conversion for multilingual - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Text-to-Speech-conversion-for-multilingual/td-p/3945301?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - Hello, Is it possible to convert multilanguage text to speech conversion in windows using LabVIEW? Please guide me Regards, Muthu

Passing Teststand Runtime container to LabVIEW - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/NI-TestStand/Passing-Teststand-Runtime-container-to-LabVIEW/td-p/3945298?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - Hi Everyone, We can pass Teststand container to LabVIEW if the datatype is known. But, how we can parse the runtime container to LabVIEW? Please help

Using the PXI-2527 with c# - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/Measurement-Studio-for-NET/Using-the-PXI-2527-with-c/td-p/3945299?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - I am programming a C# test application using Measurement Studio and Visual Studio and I'm having trouble understanding how to close the relays on the

Can I customize URI of my webvi package shared by systemlink Cloud? - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/SystemLink/Can-I-customize-URI-of-my-webvi-package-shared-by-systemlink/td-p/3945284?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - When I share the package I generated through the Web VI through Sytemlink cloud, I will automatically generate a shared URL. Can I customize this

USB-6501 how to realize: fast PWM wave ? - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/Measurement-Studio-for-VB6/USB-6501-how-to-realize-fast-PWM-wave/td-p/3945286?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - Do While True bit = 1 - bit DAQmxErrChk DAQmxWriteDigitalLines(taskHandle2, 1, 1, 5#, DAQmx_Val_GroupByChannel, bit, sampsPerChanWritten, ByVal 0&) '

Solved: Get mouse cursor position error by the WIN API function - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Get-mouse-cursor-position-error-by-the-WIN-API-function/td-p/3945292?profile.language=en
July 5, 2019 - Solved: I get the mouse cursor position error by the Win API function,my OS is WIN 7(64 Bit).But I use the LabVIEW functions is OK.

how to pass an object between C# and TestStand? - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/NI-TestStand/how-to-pass-an-object-between-C-and-TestStand/td-p/3945272?profile.language=en
July 4, 2019 - how do I extend below notification example to pass an object between C# and TestStand? http://www.ni.com/example/53598/en/ Is it possible to pass an

Yeah, kudos on idea exchange comments! - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/Feedback-on-NI-Community/Yeah-kudos-on-idea-exchange-comments/td-p/3945248?profile.language=en
July 4, 2019 - Yes! We now can give kudos on comments on ideas! Thanks, that's great!

Using an acoustic transducer with USB-6212 - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/Multifunction-DAQ/Using-an-acoustic-transducer-with-USB-6212/td-p/3945238?profile.language=en
July 4, 2019 - Hello everybody, I have an acoustic transducer and the USB-6212. My objective is to use the USB-6212 to send a signal to my transducer using the