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SLSC-12201 Configuration Example www.ni.com/example/54111/en/
Demonstrates how to use the SLSC API to setup the ports and lines of the SLSC-12201 Digital Input/Output module.
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NI-SLSC Module Examples www.ni.com/example/54110/en/
NI-SLSC is an extension architecture for PXI and CompactRIO that integrates switches, loads, and signal conditioning that go beyond those platforms’ native capabilities. Individual...
Rating: 5.00 Last Modified: September 25 2017

Measuring Angular Position with a Resolver and the PXIe-4340 www.ni.com/example/53917/en/
This example demonstrates how to take an angular position measurement from a resolver using the PXIe-4340.
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Enable Chop Measurement Feature www.ni.com/example/53767/en/
This example demonstrates how to enable the chopping feature on NI hardware.
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SC Express Accuracy Calculators www.ni.com/example/31475/en/
These example programs calculate the measurement accuracy for the PXIe-4300, PXIe-4330, PXIe-4331, and PXIe-4353.
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Reference Example for Reading and Writing Calibration Information to Virtual TEDS Files www.ni.com/example/30379/en/
The IEEE TEDS standard allows for calibration information to be included in the TEDS file. **The accompanying code represents a very specific use case for NI products. For more gen...
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NI-DAQmx: Continuous Thermocouple Measurement Using a SCC-TC0x Device www.ni.com/example/30014/en/
This VI acquires thermocouple measurements from a TC0x on input channels. Instructions for Running: 1. Enter the list of physical channels, and set the attributes of the Thermocoup...
Rating: 5.00 Last Modified: September 13 2006 Download Example

TEDS Calibration Starter Kit www.ni.com/example/28628/en/
This starter kit demonstrates how you can use the TEDS calibration table template with a Virtual TEDS (VTEDS) file to improve thermocouple accuracy. However, the principles of usin...
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Writing TEDS to the SC-2350 www.ni.com/example/29507/en/
This example writes TEDS data to a TEDS hardware smart sensor EEPROM connected to the SC-2350 TEDS SCC carrier. Select the type of sensor to be used and fill out the template. The ...
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SCC Example Series: SCC-RTD01 www.ni.com/example/27540/en/
These examples are intended for use with the SCC Tutorial Series: SCC-RTD01 document (see link below) and will acquire temperature data from a single RTD virtual channel using the ...
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