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Continuous Synchronous Scanning with NI-DMM and NI-SWITCH www.ni.com/example/26490/en/
In a synchronous scanning example, the DMM sends a trigger to the switch whenever it is done making a measurement. When the switch receives the trigger, it advances to the next cha...
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Acquiring Waveform Data from an NI DMM in LabVIEW SignalExpress www.ni.com/example/30496/en/
The NI 407x line of DMMs is capable of performing waveform voltage and current acquisitions. However, there currently is not a step available in LabVIEW SignalExpress that will all...
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Sourcing 100 nA with 2 SMUs www.ni.com/example/30892/en/
This example program shows how to use a current divider circuit to obtain 100 nA with 10 nA steps using 2x PXI-4130 SMUs and a PXI-4071 DMM to verify the results
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Digital 64x64 Switch Matrix Reference Example for LabVIEW FPGA www.ni.com/example/30396/en/
Acts as a dynamic 64x64 bit digital switch matrix. Any of the 64 inputs can be connected to any of the outputs. A single input can drive multiple outputs. The matrix of connections...
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Monitor PXI-1056 Chassis Temperature and Fan Speed www.ni.com/example/30378/en/
The PXI-1056 chassis supports remote voltage, temperature, and fan monitoring through a RS-232 9-pin D-sub connector located on the rear panel. These metrics may be read using the ...
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Programmatically Retrieve Routes and Route Groups from a Switch Executive Virtual Device www.ni.com/example/30294/en/
NI Switch Executive has the Configuration API to navigate the Object Hierarchy which contains information about the Routes and Route Groups as shown below. See NI Switch Executive ...
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Benchmarking Reading Rate and Resolution of the FlexDMM Architecture www.ni.com/example/30238/en/
This example gives a clear understanding of the DMM measurement cycle and how to take advantage of the FlexDMM architecture to maximize performance. The program also contains the a...
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Using NI-ModInst to query specific information in CVI www.ni.com/example/28726/en/
This example demonstrates using NI-ModInst to get a list of devices that use a particular driver and obtain useful information about a specific device. For example, you can use thi...
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Switch User Defined Step for SignalExpress www.ni.com/example/27971/en/
This User Defined Step provides the ability to programmatically or interactively connect or disconnect two channels of a switch from within SignalExpress. This code is powered by t...
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Configuring the DMM to Take Multiple Measurement Types in the Same Scan List www.ni.com/example/25841/en/
This example program allows you to perform different measurement types on different channels of a switch and to specify the range and resolution for a specific channel list on your...
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