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Continuous Synchronous Scanning with NI-DMM and NI-SWITCH www.ni.com/example/26490/en/
In a synchronous scanning example, the DMM sends a trigger to the switch whenever it is done making a measurement. When the switch receives the trigger, it advances to the next cha...
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Digital 64x64 Switch Matrix Reference Example for LabVIEW FPGA www.ni.com/example/30396/en/
Acts as a dynamic 64x64 bit digital switch matrix. Any of the 64 inputs can be connected to any of the outputs. A single input can drive multiple outputs. The matrix of connections...
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Switches - Controlling an Individual Relay in C#.NET www.ni.com/example/27947/en/
This example demonstrates how to open and close an individual relay on a switch using C# in Visual Studio .NET 2003
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Switch Multi-module Scanning www.ni.com/example/28488/en/
1. Introduction These examples show how to perform scanning across several modules in the same chassis. Read the Example information.txt (included in the attached zip file) to find...
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