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Reading and Writing to to 16-bit Words to Registers (High Level Register Access) www.ni.com/example/26916/en/
This example reads in the 16-bit register at the offset specified with the Offset to Read control from the specified address space. The offset is relative to the base of the memory...
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VXI/VME RORA Interrupt Handler Example www.ni.com/example/29371/en/
This example illustrates how to configure National Instrument VXI/VME controllers to respond to RORA interrupters. RORA (Release On Register Access) interrupters do not respond to ...
Rating: 3.14 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

LabVIEW 5.x VISA Interrupt Handling Example www.ni.com/example/28665/en/
This VI will handle asynchronous VXI/VME interrupt and VXI signal events. Notice that it uses a VISA attribute to return the Status/ID value that was passed from the interrupting d...
Rating: 2.83 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

Microsoft Visual C++ VISA Interrupt Handling Example (Queueing Method) www.ni.com/example/29673/en/
This example configures an event queue to receive interrupts. The program can be exercised by running it and then asserting an interrupt with VIC or VICtext, the VXI Interactive Co...
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CVI VXI Interrupt and Signal Examples www.ni.com/example/26340/en/
These examples illustrate how to handle interrupts as signals using NI-VXI. One example uses the queueing mechanism and the other example uses the handler mechanism.
Rating: 3.50 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

High-Level Register Access with NI-VISA www.ni.com/example/28539/en/
This example reads and writes the offset register of the VXIVME device at logical address 0. To do this, the example reads the register at 0xC006 in A16 space; then writes the valu...
Rating: 2.14 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

VXI/VME LabWindows/CVI NI-VXI High Level Register Access Example www.ni.com/example/29303/en/
This code is designed to run in CVI. It demonstrates low level VXI functions by doing the following calls to read the configuration registers from logical address 0. Flow of code i...
Rating: 3.14 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

VXI Asynchronous Front Panel Trigger Handling www.ni.com/example/29198/en/
This C++/CVI example maps the VXI-MXI-2 front panel Trig In terminal to TTL0 and installs an event handler to receive triggers on TTL0.
Rating: 3.00 Last Modified: September 06 2006 Download Example

Continuous Data logging www.ni.com/example/29771/en/
Continuous Data logging This Program shows how data logging can be achieved for continuous processes. Back to Top Additional Information Contributor Name : Vikas Kumthekar Contributor Company : Tata Consultancy ...
Rating: 3.62 Last Modified: September 12 2006 Download Example

VXI/VME SYSFAIL Example www.ni.com/example/29602/en/
This example shows one way that you could create an application that would respond to a VXI/VME SYSFAIL condition. Using the VISA Property VXI/VME Sysfail State, you can query your...
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