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Interrupt Out Transfer for USB RAW Device using NI-VISA for LabVIEW www.ni.com/example/54553/en/
This article explains the method for using VISA to write an interrupt out pipe to a USB RAW device from LabVIEW.
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Obtaining a List of Only the COM Ports as VISA Resource Names www.ni.com/example/54542/en/
This document explains how you can obtain a list of only the COM ports while using VISA Find Resource.vi.
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Programmatically Reading Serial Number of VISA Devices and Resources in LabVIEW www.ni.com/example/54541/en/
This document explains how to programmatically read the serial number of a device which is supported by the NI-VISA driver.
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HP4145B www.ni.com/example/28763/en/
"HP4145B Setup" allows one to setup three terminal sweeps on HP4145B. "HP4145B Gather Data" takes data from HP4145B, then plots the data on the screen, and saves it to a file speci...
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Basic GPIB Write and Read using NI-VISA www.ni.com/example/25540/en/
Perform Basic GPIB Communication in LabVIEW using the NI-VISA API.
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Ascension Flock of Birds Acquisition www.ni.com/example/25413/en/
Used for a one or two sensor Flock of Birds system. Records in all modes (Position/angle, position/matrix, etc..). Com port selectable, baud rate fixed at 115200 in wiring diagram....
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Combining 488.2 Function Calls with VISA Calls www.ni.com/example/25714/en/
This example displays how to use 488.2 function calls to find listeners on the bus, then convert those results to an acceptable VISA format. Since VISA calls (such as VISA Write) r...
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How to Mitigate Hardware Obsolescence in Next-Generation Test Systems www.ni.com/example/31307/en/
This example program and white paper describe how to design and use a user-defined hardware abstraction layer (HAL) in LabVIEW and C-based ADEs.
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Open the NI 488.2 Communicator Using LabVIEW and System Exec.vi. www.ni.com/example/31205/en/
This example program allows you to launch the NI 488.2 Communicator from LabVIEW.
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Serial Write One Character at a Time. www.ni.com/example/31174/en/
Some instruments can only handle a single Byte(ASCII Character) at a time, and not the full string. This example provides a VI as a drop in replacement for the VISA write.
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