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Sound Intensity Example in LabVIEW www.ni.com/example/31353/en/
This example demonstrates how to make a sound intensity measurement using LabVIEW. It requires the Sound and Vibration Toolset to be installed.
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Pitch Shifting in Real Time www.ni.com/example/31219/en/
Postprocessing instrumental, musical, and vocal sounds widely use pitch shifting techniques. You can use the LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit to design offline or online ...
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Baseband FFT (DAQmx) www.ni.com/example/30733/en/
This VI continuously acquires data from the specified channel, scales the data to engineering units, windows the signal, and performs the requested averaged frequency measurement. ...
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Using LabVIEW for Voice Signal Analysis www.ni.com/example/30977/en/
Voice signals, which contain pathologic information, play an important role in today’s clinical diagnosis. You can use the LabVIEW Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit to design voic...
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Class D Amplifier Testing - AES17 Filters www.ni.com/example/30920/en/
Audio testing of class D or type D amplifiers (also known as switching amplifiers) including frequency response (FRF), total harmonic distortion (THD), and other factors often requ...
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Rub and Buzz Measurement (DAQmx) www.ni.com/example/30917/en/
Two VIs are included with this document: Rub and Buzz Measurement Example (DAQmx) Rub and Buzz Analysis VI Add this rub and buzz measurement VI into your application to calculate t...
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Rub & Buzz and High Order Harmonic Analysis Tutorial www.ni.com/example/7289/en/
Rub and buzz measurement is a type of harmonic analysis often used in audio and electroacoustic applications, focusing on higher order harmonics, typically greater than 10th order.
Rating: 1.73 Last Modified: September 27 2011

Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite Shipping Examples www.ni.com/example/6107/en/
Signal Processing Resource Center » Signal Processing Examples in LabVIEW Add-Ons » Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite Shipping Examples Below is a list of all the signal proces...
Rating: 3.60 Last Modified: October 26 2018

Getting Started Example (Order Analysis) www.ni.com/example/30624/en/
This example uses Order Analysis VIs from the Sound and Vibration Toolkit to complete the Order Analysis application described in the Getting Started with Order Analysis Manual. Th...
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Reference Example for Reading and Writing Calibration Information to Virtual TEDS Files www.ni.com/example/30379/en/
The IEEE TEDS standard allows for calibration information to be included in the TEDS file. **The accompanying code represents a very specific use case for NI products. For more gen...
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