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NI 579x Synchronization Repeatability Example www.ni.com/example/31603/en/
This project demonstrates how to implement synchronization repeatability using the MIMO Streaming Project Template. Use this example to synchronize the NI 5791, NI 5792, or NI 5793...
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Pulse Width Modulation Example DAQ Personality www.ni.com/example/30303/en/
This example personality is from the Customize Your DAQ Device Series.  This example personality uses 12 digital lines to output a PWM signal and 4 digital lines to input...
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Medical Coexistence Testing Methods for Bluetooth and WLAN www.ni.com/example/31572/en/
In wireless coexistence scenarios, two or more collocated devices transmit data sharing available time and frequency resources.  The FDA has issued a draft guidance to assist desig...
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Zarlink ZL70102 Medical Telemetry Wireless Radio LabVIEW Example www.ni.com/example/31567/en/
The Zarlink ZL70102 IC is designed for use in both implanted medical devices and base stations. Operating in the 402 – 405 MHz MICS (Medical Implantable Communications Service) ban...
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Duty Cycle (Channel Utilization) Testing of Medical RF Wireless Networks www.ni.com/example/31566/en/
The following example shows an NI LabVIEW application that measures duty cycle, or channel utilization, for RF coexistence testing. The graphical programming paradigm of NI LabVIEW...
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Measuring LTE MIF as outlined in ANSI C63.19 Using LabVIEW www.ni.com/example/14122/en/
The ANSI standard C63.19 - American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Compatibility between Wireless Communications Devices and Hearing Aids, outlines methods of meas...
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Mixed-Signal Audio Tests using LabVIEW DAQmx and DigAudio www.ni.com/example/31457/en/
This example shows how to develop mixed-signal audio stimulus-response measurements. This application uses an NI-4461, 24-bit, 204kS/s analog audio generator/analyzer (programmed w...
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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) NI RF Signal Analyzer to FPGA Module Example www.ni.com/example/31398/en/
This example demonstrates how to use the peer-to-peer streaming functionality between the NI PXIe-5663 and the NI PXIe-7965R.
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Multi Record Analog Trigger using NI-Scope, NI-P2P, and NI FlexRIO™ www.ni.com/example/31369/en/
This example program uses NI-SCOPE, NI FlexRIO™, and NI-P2P streaming API to perform a multi record acquisition using an analog trigger and acquisition engine implemented with LabV...
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Uni-Directional Network Watchdog Reference Example www.ni.com/example/31352/en/
This example presents a very simple uni-directional network watchdog, also known as a network heartbeat.
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