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Reference Applications for cRIO Order Analysis Using a High Speed Tach www.ni.com/example/31301/en/
... with an NI 9403.  This TTL high-speed digital module ... module (NI 9403). Figure 2. Project Overview The [Shared] ... for an NI 9403 (digital) or an NI 9221 (analog).   Back ...
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Basic FSAE In-Vehicle Data Acquisition Template - NI Community forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Program-Drafts/Basic-FSAE-In-Vehicle-Data-Acquisition-Template/ta-p/3511310?profile.language=en
... module NI 9403 Digital Input/ Output module Software: ...

Redundant System Reference Design for LabVIEW Real Time, LabVIEW FPGA, and CompactRIO www.ni.com/example/6900/en/
... replaced by a NI 9403 module if you can use relays or switches ... signal.  The NI 9403 has enough digital lines to handle the ... slower. The NI 9403 has a different architecture than the ...
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