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DIN160 Cable Installation Instructions
... the NI PXI-2510 2. Tighten the thumbscrews on the cable. ... Connector 3 NI PXI-2510 Connector 2 1 3 © National Instruments ... the NI PXI-2510. Table 1. Pin Assignment for SH160DIN-3XDB50F ...
Edition Date: June 2010

160-Pin DIN Cable Installation Instructions for 252x and 2510
... or NI PXI-2510 (NI 2510) switch modules to your application. ... or NI PXI-2510 switch module and documentation Getting ... PXI-2523 NI PXI-2510 Interface Connector Pin 1 COM 17 CH ...
Edition Date: December 2013

Note to Users: Improving Relay Life for NI Switches
This document explains how to improve relay life for NI Switch modules. For detailed information about the features and programming options specific to the NI switch product, refer to the NI Switches Help ...
Edition Date: October 2012