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FlexRIO Help
Patents FlexRIO Help Edition Date: November 2015 Part Number: 372614J-01 »View Product Info »Download the Help in ZIP Format For patents covering the National Instruments products/technology, refer to ...

Transceiver Adapter Module for FlexRIO - Transceiver Adapter Module for FlexRIO
This manual contains information about the Transceiver Adapter Module for FlexRIO, including front panels, specifications, block diagrams, and component-level IP (CLIP).

NI 5782R User Manual and Specifications
The NI 5782 is an analog dual-input, dual-ouput, intermediate-frequency (IF) transceiver adapter module designed to work with your NI FlexRIO FPGA module. The NI 5782 features two analog input (AI) channels ...
Edition Date: January 2013