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cFP-RLY-421 Operating Instructions
These operating instructions describe how to install and use the National Instruments cFP-RLY-421 relay module, revision 185151C-01 and later. For information about installing and using earlier revisions ...
Edition Date: October 2005

FieldPoint Safety and Radio-Frequency Interference Read Me First
This document contains safety instructions and information about the radio-frequency interference characteristics of the FieldPoint hardware. Read this document before installing and using the new hardware. ...
Edition Date: November 2003

Compact FieldPoint Relay Modules: Best Practices for Relay Reliability Note to Users
This document contains guidelines for ensuring the best performance and reliability of the NI Compact FieldPoint relay modules, cFP-RLY-421 and cFP-RLY-423.
Edition Date: April 2003