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Digital Multimeters Product Flyer
... PXIe-4081, and PXIe-4082 • Software: Includes interactive ... PXIe-4081 PXIe-4082 Description Basic 6½-digit DMM ...

PXI Digital Multimeter Manual - PXI Digital Multimeter Manual
... Sense PXIe-4082 PXIe, 6½-Digit, ±300 V , Onboard 1.8 ... policy. OK PXIe-4082 - PXI Digital Multimeter Manual http ... latest/pxie-4082/overview/ PXIe, 6½-Digit, ±300 V, Onboard ...

Behavioral Differences Between The PXI-407x and PXIe-408x DMMs
... PXIe-4081 and PXIe-4082. This table is not an exhaustive list, ...

Maintain Forced-Air Cooling Note to Users
This document contains important cooling information for many PXI, PXIe, PCI, and PCIe hardware modules.
Edition Date: May 2014