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CompactDAQ Controller Manual - CompactDAQ Controller Manual
This manual contains information about the CompactDAQ Controller, including diagrams and specifications.

Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT
This document describes the range of software versions required for the aforementioned devices and links to the most recent documentation resources available at for each device. Note: Your ...

CompactDAQ Systems Product Flyer
CompactDAQ is a portable, modular data acquisition platform. It combines signal connectors, integrated signal conditioning, and converters in a single package to deliver higher accuracy measurements by ...

cDAQ-9139 Product Certifications
This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the cDAQ-9139 and provides downloadable certifications.

cDAQ-9139 Dimensional Drawings
This page provides dimensional drawings for the cDAQ-9139.

Real-Time Controllers and Real-Time Operating System Compatibility
This page shows supported versions of the Real-Time Controllers hardware driver with the Real-Time operating systems. Reference this information to ensure you install the correct version when upgrading ...

cDAQ Chassis and Controllers Calibration Procedure
This document contains information for calibrating NI CompactDAQ chassis and controllers, including the following devices: cDAQ-9132, cDAQ-9133, cDAQ-9134, cDAQ-9135, cDAQ-9136, cDAQ-9137, cDAQ-9138, cDAQ-9139, ...
Edition Date: April 2017

NI cDAQ-9139 Specifications
This document contains specifications for the National Instruments cDAQ-9139 controller. For the C Series module specifications, refer to the documentation for the C Series module you are using.
Edition Date: March 2016

NI cDAQ-9139 Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information
This document includes important hazardous locations information, compliance precautions, and connection information for the cDAQ-9139 controller.
Edition Date: March 2016

NI cDAQ-9138/9139 User Manual
The NI CompactDAQ 9138 (cDAQ-9138) controller features the 1.06 GHz Celeron processor. The NI CompactDAQ 9139 (cDAQ-9139) controller features the 1.33 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. The NI cDAQ-9138 and ...
Edition Date: March 2016