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NI PXI-8252 Specifications
This 4-page document lists the hardware specifications and safety/compliance data for the PXI-8252 module.
Edition Date: May 2004

NI PXI-8252 Letter of Volatility
This document describes the memory volatility under normal use conditions for the NI PXI-8252.
Edition Date: May 2014

NI PCI/PXI-8252 Specifications
This document gives physical specification information for the PXI-8252 card.
Edition Date: February 2004

NI PCI-8252 Quick Start Guide
The NI PCI-8252 is a highly flexible IEEE 1394a interface device for PCI. This document describes how to get started using the NI PCI-8252.
Edition Date: June 2005

Getting Started with NI PXI-8252 for Windows
This document explains the installation and specifications of the NI PXI-8252 1394 adapter for Microsoft Windows.
Edition Date: December 2003