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PXI Chassis Manual - PXI Chassis Manual
The PXI Chassis Manual contains information about the PXI Chassis, functional overviews, and specifications.

PXIe-1092 Specifications
This document contains specifications for the PXIe-1092 chassis.
Edition Date: November 2018

PXI Express Chassis Product Flyer
NI PXI Express chassis incorporate all the features of the latest PXI specification, accepting both PXI and PXI Express modules. NI offers several different chassis, featuring four to 18 slots, to meet ...

PXIe-1092 Product Certifications
This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the PXIe-1092 and provides downloadable certifications.

PXIe-1092 Fan Replacement Installation Guide
This document describes how to remove and install the fan assemblies in a PXIe-1092 chassis.
Edition Date: January 2019

PXIe-1092 User Guide
This document contains information about installing, configuring, using, and maintaining the PXIe-1092.
Edition Date: December 2018