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NI PXIe-5663E Specifications
This document lists specifications for the NI PXIe-5663E RF vector signal analyzer (NI 5663E). The NI 5663E comprises the NI PXIe-5601 RF downconverter module, NI PXIe-5622 IF digitizer module, and NI PXIe-5652 ...
Edition Date: December 2009

NI RF Signal Analyzers (NI-RFSA 15.6) Readme
NI RF Signal Analyzers (NI-RFSA 15.6) Readme April 2016 Thank you for using NI-RFSA. This file contains important information about NI-RFSA and is organized into the following sections: New Features Supported ...

5663E Letter of Volatility
Letter of Volatility PXIe-5663E May 2017 Notice: This document is subject to change without notice. Contact: 866-275-6964 377131A-01 Rev 001 For the most recent version, visit ...
Edition Date: May 2017

NI PXIe-5663E Getting Started Guide
This guide explains how to install, configure, test, and begin using an NI PXIe-5663E (NI 5663E) RF vector signal analyzer and introduces programming methods and examples.
Edition Date: July 2016

Letter of Conformance
This document describes the calibration conformance of multi-module RF systems, such as an RF vector signal analyzer, which includes an RF downconverter, a local oscillator, and an IF digitizer.
Edition Date: August 2013

Getting Started with the National Instruments 6.6 GHz MIMO Platform
The NI 6.6 GHz MIMO Platform Getting Started Guide describes how to install and interconnect the modules needed for a phase-coherent MIMO system with the National Instruments 6.6 GHz MIMO platform, namely ...
Edition Date: August 2013

Read Me First: Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility
This document contains safety instructions and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) information for the hardware it accompanies.
Edition Date: May 2013

NI 5663E Calibration Procedure
This document contains instructions for writing a manual calibration procedure for the NI PXIe-5663E (NI 5663E) RF vector signal analyzer.
Edition Date: March 2013

NI PXIe-5650/5651/5652 Letter of Volatility
This document describes volatile and non-volatile memory under normal use conditions for NI PXIe-5650/5651/5652 RF signal generators.
Edition Date: September 2011

PXIe-5663E - Dimensional Drawings
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Dimensional Drawing for PXIe-5663E Product Line:PXI/CompactPCI Modular Instrumentation Product Version/Revision Number(s): NI PXIe-5663E 6.6 GHz RF vector ...