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Digital Instrument Custom Cables, Replacement Connectors, and Screws
If you are trying to create a custom High-Speed Digital I/O cable, create a custom fixture or breakout, modify an existing cable, repair or replace the connector on your cable or p...

SHB12X-B12X Product Certifications
This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the SHB12X-B12X and provides downloadable certifications.

SHB12X-B12X Dimensional Drawings
This page provides dimensional drawings for the SHB12X-B12X.

InfiniBand Cables: Digital Instrument Cable Guide
This guide addresses many common questions for the NI Digital InfiniBand cables: the SHB12X-B12X and SHB12X-H3X24. National Instruments InfiniBand cables are primarily used on the ...

Main Page: Digital Instrument Cable Guide
Use this guide to better understand specifications and differences, and answer common questions, about using National Instruments cables with your NI Digital devices and modules. T...

Using the NI SHB12X-B12X Cable with the NI 656x Note to Users
This document explains the difference between the NI 656x device pinout and the pinout at the end of the NI SHB12X-B12X cable when used in conjunction with the device and the right-angle InfiniBand connector. ...
Edition Date: January 2008