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sbRIO-9642 Dimensional Drawings
This page provides dimensional drawings for the sbRIO-9642.

Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT
This document describes the range of software versions required for the aforementioned devices and links to the most recent documentation resources available at for ...

NI sbRIO-9641/9642/9642XT Letter of Volatility
This document describes the memory volatility under normal use conditions for the NI sbRIO-9641/9642/9642XT.
Edition Date: March 2016

NI sbRIO-9642 - Product Certification
Product Certification for NI sbRIO-9642. This page lists all applicable certifications and standards, which includes the Declaration of Conformity and other safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), ...
Product Certifications: MIC, UL - Product Safety, RoHS

NI sbRIO-9632/9642 Verification Procedure
This document contains information about verifying the accuracy of the National Instruments sbRIO-9632/9642.
Edition Date: December 2010

NI sbRIO-961x/963x/964x and NI sbRIO-9612XT/9632XT/9642XT User Guide
This document provides dimensions, pinouts, connectivity information, and specifications for the National Instruments sbRIO-9611, sbRIO-9612, sbRIO-9612XT, sbRIO-9631, sbRIO-9632, sbRIO-9632XT, sbRIO-9641, ...
Edition Date: June 2010

This document is a quick reference card for the sbRIO-961x/963x/964x. This document contains parts location diagrams, pinouts, and instructions for using serial ports to debug sbRIO devices.
Edition Date: August 2008