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NI-VISA 18.5 for Windows Readme
NI-VISA 18.5 for Windows Readme September 2018 This file contains important information about NI-VISA, including supported platforms, new features, and information about bugs fixes and known issues for ...

NI-VISA .NET Class Hierarchy Chart
The NI-VISA .NET class library is in the NationalInstruments.VisaNS namespace. This class library is included when you install the NI-VISA driver, and the NI-VISA driver is available at ...
Edition Date: November 2010

NI-VISA Programmer Reference Manual
This manual describes the attributes, events, and operations that comprise the VISA Application Programming Interface (API). This manual is meant to be used with the NI-VISA User Manual.
Edition Date: March 2003

NI-VISA User Manual
This manual describes how to use NI-VISA, the National Instruments implementation of the VISA I/O standard, in any environment using LabWindows/CVI, any ANSI C compiler, or Microsoft Visual Basic. It is ...
Edition Date: September 2001

Serial Quick Reference Guide
This document includes NI Serial hardware pinouts; information about RS-232/485/422 loopbacks and signals; information about RS-485 topologies and transceiver control; a list of NI-Serial features; an ...
Edition Date: November 2017

Serial Quick Reference Guide
This quick reference guide includes basic information for NI Serial hardware and software users.
Edition Date: July 2013