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PXIe-6674T Specifications
SPECIFICATIONS PXIe-6674T Timing and Synchronization Module for PXI Express This section lists the system specifications for PXIe-6674T modules. These specifications are typical at 25 °C, unless otherwise ...
Edition Date: April 2019

PXIe-6672 User Manual
USER MANUAL PXIe-6672 Timing and Synchronization Module for PXI Express The PXIe-6672 can generate and route clock and trigger signals between devices in a single chassis or multiple chassis, providing ...
Edition Date: July 2019

PXIe-6683 Series User Manual
USER MANUAL PXI-6683 Series Timing and Synchronization Module This manual describes the electrical and mechanical aspects of the PXI-6683 and PXI-6683H, and contains information concerning their operation ...
Edition Date: April 2019

PXIe-6672 Product Certifications
This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the PXIe-6672 and provides downloadable certifications.

PXIe-6672 Dimensional Drawings
This page provides dimensional drawings for the PXIe-6672.

PXIe-6672 Front Panel - PXI Synchronization Module
Access LEDActive LEDCLKOUT ConnectorCLKIN ConnectorPFI<0..5> Connectors Signal Descriptions Signal Description CLKIN AC coupled, 50 Ω clock input. CLKIN can be routed to the FPGA for use as a synchronization ...

NI-Sync Supported Versions for NI-PXI Devices and Modules
This page shows the supported versions of NI-Sync are required with NI-PXI Devices and Modules. Reference this information to ensure you install the correct driver version when upgrading or updating your ...

NI PXIe-6672 Letter of Volatility
This document describes the memory volatility under normal use conditions for the NI PXIe-6672.
Edition Date: May 2016

NI PXIe-6672 Installation Guide
This guide contains instructions for installing your NI PXIe-6672 controller and NI-Sync software.
Edition Date: September 2007