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Communication Between Two GPIB Devices on One Computer https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54554/en/
... and a PCI-GPIB configured as the non-controller. The ... controller PCI-GPIB: GPIB1, PAD = 1, SAD = None, non-controller ...

Installing PCI/PCIe-GPIB Controllers https://www.ni.com/getting-started/set-up-hardware/instrument-control/pci-gpib
Installing PCI/PCIe-GPIB Controllers

Developing Distributed GPIB Test Systems Using NI Ethernet-to-GPIB Controllers https://www.ni.com/tutorial/3264/en/
... AT-GPIB/TNT, PCI-GPIB, or USB-GPIB-HS interface. NI-488.2 ...

Configuring PXI Systems Using MXI-Express https://www.ni.com/tutorial/4811/en/
... using a PCI-GPIB card. The software is identical. Additionally, ...