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PXIe-4610 Pinout - PXI Amplifier Module Manual
Signal Descriptions Signal Reference Description OUT CH <0,1>+, OUT CH <0,1>- — 4610 DSA Amplifier Output Channel—OUT CH+ and OUT CH- are the positive and negative outputs of the differential power amplifier. ...

PXIe-4610 - PXI Amplifier Module Manual
Power Amplifier PXI Amplifier Module 2 channels at 10 W per channel 10 V RMS maximum output THD -110 dBC 114 dB dynamic range Calibrated amplifier for best signal reliability

PXIe-4610 Specifications - PXI Amplifier Module Manual
PXIe-4610 Specifications The following document provides specifications for the PXIe-4610 . NI PXIe-4610 Specifications This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Learn more about ...