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RM-26999 Specifications
This document provides specifications for the RM-26999.
Edition Date: January 2020

mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture Datasheet
This document contains measured specifications for the mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture.
Edition Date: August 2020

PXIe-8881 Specifications
This document includes specifications for the PXIe-8881 PXI Express controller module.
Edition Date: July 2020

PXIe-1083 Specifications
This document contains specifications for the PXIe-1083 chassis.
Edition Date: July 2020

RMX-8268 Specifications
This document lists the system specifications for the RMX-8268 series.
Edition Date: July 2020

NI TB-12395 Specifications
SPECIFICATIONS TB-12395 48-pin DIN 41612 Terminal Block for SLSC DIO/AO/AI The following specifications are typical at 25 °C unless otherwise noted. Physical Connectors The following figure shows the connections ...
Edition Date: July 2020

NI 9326 Datasheet
DATASHEET NI 9326 6-Channel, 150 V, 128 kHz C Series Frequency Input Module • Screw terminal connectivity • 150 V RMS, CAT I, channel-to-channel and channel-to-earth isolation • 0.025 Hz to 128 kHz frequency ...
Edition Date: July 2020

NI SLSC-12202 Specifications
SPECIFICATIONS SLSC-12202 32 Channel, 5 V to 60 V, Digital Input/Output SLSC module design specification version 1.6 SLSC compatibility level 1 Rear I/O compatibility category [N4] (Digital input/output ...
Edition Date: July 2020

VRTS with 4 GHz Bandwidth Specifications
These specifications the simulation and measurement capabilities of the the Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) with 4 GHz Bandwidth.
Edition Date: June 2020

TRC-8542 Specifications
Specifications for the TRC-8542 CAN HS/FD Transceiver Cable.
Edition Date: June 2020