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PCI-5412 - Dimensional Drawings
... Drawing for PCI-5412 Product Line:PXI/CompactPCI Modular Instrumentation NI PCI-5412 100 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator ...

NI PCI-5412 - Product Certification
... Document NI PCI-5412 - Product Certification This product ...
Product Certifications: CE, FCC, C-Tick, MIC

Generating Synchronized Sequences on Multiple Arbitrary Waveform Generators
This example demonstrates how to generate a synchronized sequence on two or more Arbitrary Waveform Generators using NI-TCLK.
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NI PXI/PCI-5412 Specifications
NIPXI/PCI-5412 Specifications 14-Bit 100 MS/s Arbitrary ... NI PXI/PCI-5412 arbitrary waveform generator. Unless ... NIPXI/PCI-5412 Specifications Contents CH 0...... ...
Edition Date: November 2015

AWG Frequency Sweep Example
This example shows how to use Arbitrary Sequence mode to generate a frequency sweep. It also shows how you can associate a name with each buffer you are generating.
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Archived: Migrating Applications from the NI 5411 to the NI 5412
This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments. As the NI 5411 signal generator is no longer available for purchase, when upgrading to the NI 5412...

PCI/PXI-5412 Letter of Volatility
... Volatility PXI/PCI-5412 March 2017 This document is subject ... later PCI-5412 100MS/s 14-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator, ... later PCI-5412 100MS/s 14-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator, ...
Edition Date: March 2017

Waveform Generator Device Manual - Waveform Generator Device Manual
PCI-5412 Block Diagram Refer to the following figure ... about the PCI-5412 front panel connectors: Table 1. PCI-5412 ... about the PCI-5412 front panel connectors: PCI-5412 Signal ...

NI 5412 Calibration Procedure
... NIPXI/PCI-5412 Specifications The NI Signal Generators ... the NI PCI-5412 front panel connectors. Figure 3. NI ... and NI PCI-5412 Front Panel Connectors © National ...
Edition Date: August 2011

PCI 7813R, PCI 5412 triggering - Discussion Forums
August 22, 2007 - ... 7813R, PCI 5412 triggering LabVIEW Register for the ... 7813R, PCI 5412 triggering PCI 7813R, PCI 5412 triggering ... 7813R to a PCI 5412 function generator through the PCI bus ...